A Story by Jess Rose

My name is Kloria Visage, and this is my story. Well, the beginning of it, anyway. Please, if you can spare a moment, read how I began. This could be a warning for you. What happened to me could happen to you. You need to be prepared, like I wasn’t.

It begins on a sunny afternoon. I was twelve years old, sitting on my bed doing my math homework, division with remainders. As I sat there, scribbling away with my pencil, my eyes started to droop. I didn’t really understand why, I wasn’t tired. I never fell asleep while doing my homework, but I figured I could use a break from remainders, so I lay down on my bed and fell asleep.

When I awoke, I knew I was awake, but it didn’t feel like I was. It was totally dark and I couldn’t move. I realized that my eyes were still closed, but I couldn’t open them and I couldn’t move my body at all. I finally fell asleep again, unsure of what else to do. This strange paralysis happened two more times, as I was stirred from my sleep. I couldn’t move. It didn’t seem as though I was awake, even though I was. I had begun to wonder if I was dead, my spirit trapped in my body.

I finally awoke for the third time. I was relieved to find that I could move. I shook out my hands and fingers, knowing that sleep would never be the same for me after that frightening event of being caged inside my dreams, unable to move. I got up and walked downstairs through my house. It was eerily empty, which was strange. My family would normally be down here, my mother in the kitchen, fixing dinner. My father would be in the living room reading the paper, my brother and sister rolling around on the floor in front of him.

I picked up the phone and called Amy, my best friend. “What?” She snapped groggily at me.

“Hi. What are you doing? Something weird is going on.” I said quickly, slightly irked by all of the weird happenings.  

“What could possibly be weird enough to make it okay for you to call me at three o’clock in the morning?” She replied, obviously annoyed.

Three o’clock in the morning.

I threw the phone back onto the receiver and ran to the front door, unbelieving that another weird thing could have happened. I flung it open and, sure enough, the sun was well below the horizon. When I fell asleep, it was high in the sky. The stars twinkled at me, as if they knew what was happening to me, and they were laughing at me because I didn’t.

I walked up to my room, sure that it was all a dream. I sat down on my bed, completely terrified and that was where I noticed the thing that made it all a thousand times worse.

So, you know how in remainders, you do that thing that is like R1 for the remainder?

Scribbled across my notebook in black and red in was

R1 E2 M3 E4 M5 B6 E7 R8


It was in my handwriting, written very hastily, but I didn’t remember doing it. Amy didn’t remember me calling her at three o’clock in the morning, either.

That is when it all started.


© 2015 Jess Rose

Author's Note

Jess Rose
This is a first draft...
Also this was based off of a true event that happened to a friend of mine. Keep that in mind.

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Added on July 5, 2015
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