It's Not About Me

It's Not About Me

A Poem by Imogean Tweetie

Life is not about me, it is about the greater whole of humanity.

It's Not About Me!

No, I do not think it is all about me. 
It is about those whom I love.
And, I love humanity.

Those who are in need. 
Those who have nothing but their heartache.
Those who do not understand why. 
Those who are hungry
And, those whose lives 
Are laden with abuse 
As if it were a normality 
to be accepted 
And never spoken of.

This world is cruel. 
Filled with anger 
And, hatred enough to commit genocide.
This world is filled with bloody wars 
That can never be won. 
Death and pain seems the axis 
By which tyranny sits prettily 
Amongst the aristocratic bequeathed
By their station in life. 

The haves and have nots 
Have been since the beginning 
Of time.
And will continue 
Until there is no more 
People left to walk the Earth. 

But there are those of us
Who realize that we can love 
The so called loveless
That no matter your station in life
You are valuble
That your feelings are and
That your pain is 

I can make a difference
I can offer a hand up
Show compassion 
Where otherwise 
would be none. 

I can say a kind word 
A word that gives hope
To the hopeless 
A shared moment 
That is so rare it startles 
And gives strength 
To the weak. 

We are not powerless as one
We are an army 
Powered by love compassion 
And, kindness. 

One moment of kindness 
Has the power 
To outshine
That of a million 
Acts of hatred.

The next time you look 
Into the haggard face 
Of he downtrodden
I want you to imagine 
When it was they were last hugged
The last meal they ate
Was it from a dumpster?
Where did the filthy clothing
They wear come from? 

The next time you feel such animosity 
For a culture that you do not understand, 
A third world country whose customs that seem so 
barbaric by comparison to your own. 
Imagine what their house looks like. 
How often their children have eaten until they are full
Think of the school they attended or did not attend at all. 
Imagine not being able to read or write. 

Imagine being taught that it is normal 
To live in a mud house with no running water
With no Electricity
Imagine the closest hospital being a three day 
Walk away. 

Imagine loosing your child to death 
Over something as simple as 
A simple infection curable 
By a simple dosing of antibiotics. 

Imagine that we are all the same. 
That the color of our skin, the car we drive,
The home in which we live
Or the god that we worship 
had no bearing on 
The worth of a human being. 

I tell you this, 
We are all the same, 
Of equal value to each other. 

The idea that we are not, 
Is just an illusion.  




© 2014 Imogean Tweetie

Author's Note

Imogean Tweetie
The ME society we live in is a lie!

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Imagine that we are all the same.
That the color of our skin, the car we drive,
The home in which we live
Or the god that we worship
had no bearing on
The worth of a human being.

"I tell you this,
We are all the same,
Of equal value to each other.

The idea that we are not,
Is just an illusion."

Posted 4 Years Ago

You have done a good job. Thank you for sharing...:)..............

Posted 4 Years Ago

Imogean Tweetie

4 Years Ago

Thank you :-)
Sami Khalil

4 Years Ago

You are welcome...:)....................

Posted 4 Years Ago

Hats off just to you! The humanity's unleashed at your humanity! The hearts of heart've unleashed on you! The real live example your in the world across the blue oceans who still knows the beauty of life n keeps the worth of it.

Stay beautiful!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Imogean Tweetie

4 Years Ago

Thanks dear. If you understood this, then you are beautiful… AWSOME!

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Imogean Tweetie
Imogean Tweetie

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