What the intellectual mind can not understand, the heart can...

What the intellectual mind can not understand, the heart can...

A Story by IMOGEAN

Just some thoughts....

It is in my constant search for truth that I have come to this place.
It is a place that holds the secret of mankind.
I am not only a searcher of truth, but I am a scholar, someone who reads over every ancient word and phrase until there is some sort of understanding.
I will not be staved off by my own intellect, for I search for the spiritual meaning.
I strip myself bare of ego, gain and self, which is a feat in itself.
To lay bare before God, desiring only to know his will for me, and the power to carry that out, is the most brazen act of humility that I can ever accomplish. 
As I have read ancient dialogues, scriptures and books of all shapes and sizes, it has come to me how little mankind knows.
Our primitive minds cannot fathom the truth in completeness.
The bounds of humanity limits many of us to that which can only be understood in the confines, and concepts of the physical.
But some of us, and you know who you are: can see and feel the truth.
Truth: it is the voice of God speaking silently and sometimes violently into our hearts that which our intellectual minds will never understand.
It is the language of unconditional love that is the most simple concept ever, yet we as humans so often cannot fully grasp it.
Love--it cannot be seen, heard or felt with your physical being. Or, can it?
 Every tear I have shed is the physical evidence of my spirit crying from within me.
Every moment of laughter that I have heard from myself, is the sound of my soul shouting out through time and space, letting me know in the physical realm that it exists.
The secrets of man will never fully be understood by intellect, but by something more superior than time, space and physical matter.  
The next time you feel lost or afraid in the vast world of the physical, earnestly look within and it is there that you will find truth.
It is the truth that there is a God, that He understands your pain, that He is your creator and that we are not just particles floating around in and throughout space and time haphazardly.       

© 2008 IMOGEAN

Author's Note

I wrote this piece in about 5 minutes. I did not write it with the intention to divulge the answers to the entire universe and God. Had that been my intention, then I would have most likely written a whole lot more. Also, you could at that point, be sure that I am an idiot, because no mortal alive has all of the answers.

My intention was to make people think beyond themselves. In all of the nearly 30 reviews given, no matter if they were negative or positive, the readers mind was engaged and attempted to process what I was saying. No one slept through this writing, and I take that as a great compliment.

God bless you all....


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This is such a deep subject with so many avenues that it is going to be difficult for me to review this within a mere few sentences..

...it certainly deserves much more than that.
I will try to keep it contained, though I am bursting at the seams. lol

You get it.
For as much as we are capable..
you have comprehended "it".
Of course,
that is merely my opinion,
and i am but a spec of dust
in eternity...

"But some of us, and you know who you are: can see and feel the truth."

I have felt alone for a very long time. As if I see things that no one else seems to see...
I thought I was...

perhaps insane...
perhaps gifted....
perhaps blessed...
perhaps cursed....

Now that I have read this, its reviews and some other pieces of literature that have found
their way into my path, I realize,

I am not alone. :) I never have been.

This piece is beyond words to compliment it... it's bigger than that.
...it's understood.

May God bless you, always.

Peace, Dani

Posted 10 Years Ago

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When I was sixteen, I knew absolutely everything, and I remember well that my poor father knew almost nothing. By the time that I was twenty five, I realised how much he had come along. Twenty years later he knew almost as much as me, and I seemed to be slipping somewhat. Now, at 63, I have come to the conclusion that I not only know nothing, but that I never did know anything. Your theme is so huge that it is impossible to come to terms with. The only thing we have to cling onto is the fact that there is a God, that he does know everything, and that whatever we learn we learn through him. I realise this each time I engage in a creative act, i.e. writing, and sense his presence in my subconcious mind. Good write.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I would like to add to what is below...about love...it is the true gift to yourself and others
as you have so ably described in this piece of fine writing. When we can follow God's gift
to us with caring and concern for others, we define love in its highest sense. Thank you
for the opportunity to add to your beautiful writing. sam

Posted 10 Years Ago

Beautifully expresed, Imogean. The search for Truth is a divine undertaking for certain and faith is key to this concept. I once had a dream where I was screaming to a light in heaven 'What is the Truth?' and a someone answered 'it is your voice'. You voice here is truly an exquisite expression. Thank you.
Light and Love,

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Bravo a man or woman is wizer for understanding how little we know about the world. At best we are on a learning journey. You are young to understand so well the complexities of life. Your grasp of faith is comendable. The only point I would disagree with is, I can feel Gods Love physically as he brings peace of mind and strength to me. This is a comprehensive and thought provoking piece. Well Done.
Hugs to you Debby

Posted 10 Years Ago

Sounds like you and I are on similar quests! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I like the idea of the explanation of the spiritual on an intellectual plane. Certain lines crystalize the discussion such as:

>>>Every tear I have shed is the physical evidence of my spirit crying from within me.>Every moment of laughter that I have heard from myself, is the sound of my soul shouting out through time and space, letting me know in the physical realm that it exists.>To lay bare before God, desiring only to know his will for me, and the power to carry that out, is the most brazen act of humility that I can ever accomplish.>Truth: it is the voice of God speaking silently and sometimes violently into our hearts that which our intellectual minds will never understand.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Well Kant ! He better didn't have spoken. But even he didn't find the truth. You have read some of Dharma and Vedas, and you look at the chinese buddhism, I see. Nice how I influence you guys, suddently so many write such contents, I like it, go on. Read and think... I write about this already since 2 years; noone has seen this, I just waited when one tells me something, ha ha and thanks goodness - I live it. Why no one has seen...always there were the same consciousness. Yes, but real truth isn't about appearances and importances, and it is not about copy and paste it is about the original creation! so I laugh. I smile. Why is Shiva dancing? Do you know it? hmm.... brilliantly dancing. Well after you have read the adventures of Rama you know why he is the highest model of the ideal man and ramayana said this 2300 years ago, yes I am reading the literally exploints of rama, the classical poems written first in sanskrit, its going deep. and Oh, the western philosophers didn't see, too so many didn't see and don't see. Few did. If we really would live like this, that physical doesn't matter then we had less certainty! But everybody thinks first - at his own ego. His own fame. And has an account on myspace and space book "look at me! look at me how important I am" and all those writers who want to sell you their truth saying "buy my book! Your imagination is not good enough! Buy mine!" And all the corporations who let you not decide with heart, but let you have 2 or even 3 jobs... so all the thing is possessions and certainty. Why don't they see? And , by the way, did you find what god is? And, did you find out - WHAT GOD CAN NOT?

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I really like what you had to say. Intellect without spiritual healing is something to think about. There is a lot of evil people who are intellectual but lacked the sense of humanity and so did much hurt to others and worse. Great write, ---mishel

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Interesting thoughts. This will be a little rag tag but I'll try to respond with my own in a slightly assebled manner

However love can be felt physically. I wouldn't say that I have felt it, but I think that the human body is designed to let people know that they have that strong attraction.
As for relying on love, be it from someone or the possibilty of somthing: a god; I personally cannot call that intelligent and worthwhile - whether intellectual or with instinct.
Nothing fathoms truth in entirety because turth is malliable and bends and forms from one consciousness to the next, it's like attempitng to envision infinity or true nothing - you cannot do it because nothing comrehends nothing and nothign can see to the end of everything.

Love I feel is like that - it varies from one being to the next - this is possibly why no one has ever really deined it - it's such a powerful emotion that ply on many levels that we have a hard time encompassing the entirety of it. it is formed and moulded by our actions, thoughts etc - and while we cannot collectivley depict it - not having one collective cociousness - we all kno it when we see it.

Don't really have a summary for all that, but I hope it made some sense.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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"Love--it cannot be seen, heard or felt with your physical being. Or, can it?"
Ohhhh yes, indeed it can be felt... and heard, and tasted, and absorbed, and basked in, and relied upon. And the source is so simple, exactly where one should expect to find it.
The trouble is, as many here have mentioned, we tend to over-complicate the search. We study all the ancient texts and mystical philosophies only to be left still alone, empty, confused, and even more bitter.
Having gone full-circle, I do know the temptation is to look everywhere else first. Maybe the truth is too simple for us nowadays. We want it to be exotic and mysterious and exclusive. It is none of those though, it is simply there for all who truly desire to understand.
It seems you have made people think. Well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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