A Story by Jessie.

okay just kidding. i'm not sure if this is a story or not, but there's a part two and will be more later. they need to have a "rambling" option, because that's what this probably is.





I've always been a strange child. Some of my first few memories are of me exploring the wilderness bordering the lake in my backyard or using my time machine imagination to the time of pioneers. My quirks went unnoticed most of the time, but during the summer of my 16th year, I felt a change. It was nearly an internal spiritual earthquake that sent me flying into a new world. Here, I could plainly see all of the answers that would be left ignored. Sometimes they would be very simple, but left me questioning why the others would continue to fumble around looking for a bright light in a dim room. Other times I would need to prepare myself for an emotionally draining journey throughout the human psyche, often taking one random person as a census for the whole population.

I acquired my new power. Strange at the beginning, sometimes my rookie skull couldn't grasp all of the shades being lifted at once. It blinded me, left me speechless. I couldn't take a step forward. Anxiety soon crept in after curiosity snuck out. Great responsibility comes with great power, and I was petrified that this was too great. Too big; I felt like it devoured me and completely took over my earthly form. Could I decide between a blessing or a curse? It was quite hard to tell and this question still finds a way to render me into puzzlement.
My brain was constantly on hyperspeed. Most of my thoughts were focused on dissecting the surrounding people's behaviors, choice of words, manneurisms and ultimately, what they were thinking of. If I've ever spoken to you or even seen you before, unbeknownst to you, my version of why your hair is cut a certain way and how you obtained your nickname. Thoughts constantly swam through my brain. They bounced off the walls of my skull, dodged a memory and then it might find a small opening to escape from, leaving the hundreds of other ideas trapped. The flow of thoughts through this vent was unbearable slow and rare. Leaving so many thoughts left inside bruised and crushed them, making it quite difficult to retreive the perfect phrasing.

Believe me when I advise you to stay away from my path when I've gotten a visit from my muse. My bat-outta-hell style mind sent inspiration in a six-foot radius at a speed quick enough that a mushroom could may or may not have been visible above my head. All of the worry was suddenly worth the wait after the dust and rubble cleared and my finished product could be reviewed. A real work of art sometimes. Just keep your patience and don't force anything. Inspiration will come soon enough...


© 2008 Jessie.

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I enjoyed. Reading this. Thanks for sharing too:-)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on February 6, 2008
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Bellefontaine, OH

whatevs. just talk to me dude. i'm generally nice unless you're a d****e. alright sweet. glad we're on the same page. more..

inspire me! inspire me!

A Poem by Jessie.