the ultimate

the ultimate

A Poem by Jessie.

sexy time, yes?



The ultimate unity we may never achieve
can only be reached for in elevated moments.
When we strive, all reservations are thrown into the wind.
The graze of your flesh against mine
sends electric impulses through my body,
pure immense shock.
kissing, fondling, clenching;
these sensations feel too real.
My mind vacates and all I see is you, and me.
For an hour, we're the only pair living,
and our actions shake the world;
surely strong enough to wake the population.
My mind is blurry; I'm sent back to the fundamental actions.
How to touch; How to comfort; How to love.
View how your body moves,
and make mine respond accordingly.
Where does this come from?

How does someone learn to express something so right?
For a minute love is gone;
All memory of that word has vanished.
The vowels seem foreign,
I can't grasp the concept.
All I feel is infatuation and greed.
Hastily reaching for your body,
I want to feel all of you -- at once.
But suddenly, a surge of bliss washes over me.
Nirvana has never been as tempting.
All of the wonderful times of my life
compacted into thirty seconds of the ultimate.
My vacancy scares me momentarily...
until my eyes flutter open.
I see the face of compassion, of understanding.
The ebb and flow of our breathing
lulls me into tranquility.
Savor it, girl.
What if this is the last chance?
Most assuredly it is not.
Each sporadic bodily journey
will continue where the last left off.
One eternal lapse of time
of the ultimate drug you give.




© 2008 Jessie.

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Added on February 7, 2008
Last Updated on February 7, 2008



Bellefontaine, OH

whatevs. just talk to me dude. i'm generally nice unless you're a d****e. alright sweet. glad we're on the same page. more..

inspire me! inspire me!

A Poem by Jessie.