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for kyle.

A Poem by Jessie.

I need a better title...


You mean so much to me,
the world and more.
Any free moment alone is spent thinking of you.
I close my eyes and try to feel you;
one hand on your chest and the other in your hair.
Twirling each of your curl ringlets between my fingers,
I breathe in and try to savor the moment.
My other hand is resting above your heart and I feel the beat.
With each thump, I feel the blood in my body pulse--
reassuring me that all is right. Fingers are dragging as I follow down,
down your chest to above your stomach.
I leave my hand in that spot for a minute and outstretch my fingers.
My palm is warm from your skin; I feel it soak into my heart.
My hand rises and falls with each breath you take as I try to mimic you.
The lapse between exhales reminds me that we are two people,
not one.
This is just what I needed.
My head pulls toward yours and falls in the empty space on your shoulder.
This feeling, I've come to realize, is the best feeling on Earth.
Completely undescribable to anyone who has been without,
or to anyone who questioned it.
If you even start to doubt the love you feel,
it was never there;
there's never been a thought of doubt present.
A pair of soft lips land on the most sensitive area on your neck
and I feel the energy pulse.
These are the moments that I miss the most when you're away;
when we learn to say "I love you,"
without even moving our mouths.
A mind bending trick
that some pretend, and few can do.
Somehow we've gone against all odds,
never let the clouds overpower the sun.
There's a reason why we met that night,
as coincidental as anything can be.
Who knew that the stranger who had caught my eye
would later catch my heart?
I could tell there was something about you,
an arua, invisible halo; I knew i couldn't leave

without knowing your name.
I'm grateful for the courage to strike conversation,
to lean in for the kiss,
or to announce what I've known all along:

I love you.

Jessie Orahood
August 2007

Revised: December 5, 2007

© 2008 Jessie.

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I like this poem it has a dreamy feel to me .
The descriptions are very good .. i think it describes love so well..
Trying to mimic his/ her breathing .. hearts beating in time .. beautiful.


Posted 10 Years Ago

Very beautiful good luck on the contest.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on February 7, 2008



Bellefontaine, OH

whatevs. just talk to me dude. i'm generally nice unless you're a d****e. alright sweet. glad we're on the same page. more..

inspire me! inspire me!

A Poem by Jessie.