A Poem by Paul

Just dabbles I wrote, nothin to special.

it feels like my brain is caught in a spiral and is unable to
untangle itself.
Sometimes ,
thinking about things to much will make me wonder and concern myself.
Its the thousands of thoughts that
seclude my mind.
It's the thousands of thought that nearly summon up
unwanted feelings of hate
and regret .
Sometimes it's the little things that counts so much.
And sometimes its those little thoughts that make you hate a little bit of yourself.
But most of all,
it's the feeling of changing for the good and learning from all the
problems you have made in the past.
It's all about your life and how you want to learn the best from it and embrace each precious moment you possibly can.
It's those sunny days that some how manages to add a
grin to your face.
It all matters to me,
and maybe to others in someway.
Me and my thoughts will always be one.
With my mind
I am invincible.
You can talk all you want.
You can think all you want about me and I will simply continue fighting through it all because it does not matter about what you think or say.
I will stay strong
cause that's really all life should be based on
if you can't stay strong then you will be more vulnerable to
It's that feeling of change that really puts my mind at ease
cause I have turned something bad to good.
It's me ,
me getting stronger each passing day and having accomplished one of the most needed things of all.
Achieving faith,
it's all you need to survive through this tough world.
Wouldn't you agree?

© 2010 Paul

Author's Note

I know there may be a lot of errors so don't say stuff like "Your writing sucks" I know that I do not suck because I know that I am willing to improve my writing with any tips that you may give. I respect your honest opinions whether it be good or bad. If you have any tips then please state them in the review. Thank you for your cooperation :)

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Very interesting, uhm, my only thought on it would be to make it a little bigger and maybe change it so there are obvious line changes instead of it being a runon like it is

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like it very interesting

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 23, 2010
Last Updated on July 11, 2010
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