an excerpt from a book I'll never write

an excerpt from a book I'll never write

A Poem by Chloe

some people tell others they aren't allowed to feel sad because other people have it worse. here is my response

I never said I was sad. I never said I was suffering. I never said how I felt I had it way worse than some people but still knew others have it way worse than me. I don't want to live anymore and I don't want to die. maybe I just want a do over. I could re-invent myself. I wouldn't make myself smarter but I would give myself wisdom. I wouldn't ask to be pretty but to have a personality so beautiful that my outside matches what's in. To not be wealthy but to have enough to not be 6 years old living in an apartment in LA with no furniture, sleeping in a tent in my moms room wondering if I was going to eat tomorrow. But would I be happy in a life so blissful? I wouldn't know the pain I've endured in this life to know how great the opposite could be. I fear a perfect life because if I never experienced sadness how will I ever know what happiness is? would everything just be average? would my perfect, blissful life be sad to me- and I would hope for more. There's no perfect life. Everyone is entitled to feel sad because if we didn't, how would we ever feel happy when the clouds rolled away?

© 2016 Chloe

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Added on July 28, 2016
Last Updated on July 28, 2016
Tags: happiness, sadness, depression, loss, renew, hope, life



Venice Beach, CA

18 and simply coping more..

you broke me you broke me

A Poem by Chloe