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Things to know before dating me

Things to know before dating me

A Poem by Chloe

My names Chloe
I'm 18 years old

I'm a Taurus

and you probably know what that means more than I do

people have been telling me I'm 13 going on 30 since the first time words escaped my breath which I understood way before my 6th birthday

I'm obsessed with trying to lose weight but when I say lose weight I mean I'm impatient and I probably won't wait for a lot of things including stop signs
metaphorical and rhetorical meaning if you throw a red flag I'll be finding the quickest way around you which might involve me speeding through an actual stop sign

green means go as in I'm gunna take my chance to run at the first green
the first green in golf is for putting and you can drop all the "if's" "and's" or "put's" you want I'm probably still gunna go
I'm scared of commitment
commitment is the stop sign I speed through but sometimes I find myself waiting for it to turn green
then I realize they don't do that and I've been sitting there out of power for half an hour and I leave weaker than I came

I like monopoly
not as in the board game but I like to carry around a get out of jail free card
I have a fight response yet somehow when life gets hard I use the flight response and try and get out of jail free
I never do

I have tendencies to watch my phone die and say awe man not because it died but because I didn't
I have barcodes carved into my wrists that suggest I'm probably too expensive and you should leave me on the shelf
I would tell you I'm sorry and I'm working out that but a Michael Kors purse never apologized to me for its price

i love animals I swear animals are all I need in life
I swear if I try hard enough I can communicate with my dog he just doesn't seem to understand my English

neither do any of the dogs I date when I say no

I'm not exactly a feminist but I believe women can be empowering
I don't believe you have to get married
I believe you can be one in everything in yourself
and that can be enough

hi I'm Chloe
I'm 18 years old

perhaps I should have stopped there

© 2016 Chloe

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Added on September 7, 2016
Last Updated on September 7, 2016
Tags: dating, personal, slam poetry, me, love, relationships



Venice Beach, CA

18 and simply coping more..

you broke me you broke me

A Poem by Chloe