i farded to hide my larchma

i farded to hide my larchma

A Poem by Irenic

a sad love story


“I farded to hide my larchyma

From my papa

Which I shed for not be with you

How much I like

I kept it in my heart

In past in a ground I laugh with you

But today how much I caterwaul for you

I hide from everyone

I want to be yours

But this our families don’t want this

I farded to hide my larchyma

Which I shed for you

On the day of my engagement

To make my dad content

I want to be yours

But in this world I can’t be of yours

It’s a famous saying

Whatever we want in heaven

We get it in heaven

I will wish for the extension for our relation

What will you wish in heaven for our relation?”

Zahra had written these words

With the sadness of heart

On the paper in the love of Zaid

Put it in a bag placed in a cupboard

When she went go to see off him at airport

Gift him at airport

Over there they had a tearful conversation of eye

Larchyma came in the eyes of Zahra, sitting in a car

“I want to give gift to you

But by myself I can’t give gift to you

I give gift to you

But through my chauffeur I give gift to you

I want to tell you

How much I like you

But I love my dad

Now tell what I will choose

Love or like

When I see him I even tempered

But when I see you I pleased

Even tempered is my need

Pleased for everyone and for me is want not a need

Pleased I will nominate in hereafter

Because we can’t be one here”

Larchyma comes in her iris

When Message given by her through iris

To him complete but with tearful eyes

She turns her face

But Zaid keep on staring her with sadness

“I wish for you in heaven my Zahra

You are mine Zahra

Today you choose calm

Here I choose calm

Today we’re far

But actually wherever you are

I believe you will remain in my heart”

A drop of tear comes in his eyes

And He turns his face

After saying a last sentence

In heart which was in his

For sitting in plane he move forward but with a graveness of being far

From her lover but she was crying for being from him far

Few years past

He was blessed with daughter like pure aqua

To whom he named Zahra

In the memory of lover

Because she is not with him any more

But on other hand Zahra’s dada is crying on the grave of her

Because his daughter is not in this world with him any more

Aeolian was different on both lands

On one  euphoria it brings

But on other opposite of euphoria it brings








© 2013 Irenic

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Amazing story of love and pride between the dad and daughter. His pride and joy lives in his heart and her writings . Kudos

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Thank you sooo much for loving review:)
I enjoyed the story.
"He was blessed with daughter like pure aqua
To whom he named Zahra
In the memory of lover
Because she is not with him any more"
You know myth and tale is my favorite. Left reader with good visions and wanting to know more. Thank you dear friend for sharing your excellent poetry.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

thank you :)
Coyote Poetry

3 Years Ago

You are welcome.
I enjoyed this piece; beautifully woven with the true colors of love for your Dada and he must be proud of your writing and I am happy that you have good manners and love for your family.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

thank you so much
Sami Khalil

8 Months Ago

You are welcome.

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