The Letter

The Letter

A Poem by Iris Jayne

Yours makes me feel like nothing happened. Like we're still together.


The piece of paper, cold and dead

Memories haunt my psyche tonight

A dusted box under my bed

Holds remnants of a long lost fight

The words you wrote, they come to life

Whenever darkness rules my heart

Touches like feather, stabs like knife

The spurts of blood a twisted art

A piece of mirror’s enough to kill

Reflections swirl around to mock

The smiles are shut tight with a seal

That you and no-one else could unlock

Tonight I bring you back to me

The wall’s the same hue as your eyes

Your voice I hear, your face I see

This piece of paper will suffice

I see the world before end came

But not as clear as when you’re near

The world I live in now’s in shame

In constant doubts and constant fear

The piece of paper chilled and pale

It said ‘I love you’ quite a lot

A dusted box, feeble and frail

Contains the fight that I once fought

Your words are my bridge to the past

Under flickers of hope, your scribble gleams

Tonight I’ll trust what your words cast

Tonight I’ll see you in my dreams.

© 2010 Iris Jayne

Author's Note

Iris Jayne
a lot of people has this box of memories where their whole life is basically stored. i have one like this, except that opening it isn't really my idea of fun. i rarely pull the ribbon and glaze over my past. it makes me feel weird. maybe when im older. and more mature to deal with things and maybe even laugh at past, stupid mistakes. the time will come. (: anyway, reviews are welcome. especially if you have one of those boxes. or one of those letters.

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I wrote a poem quite similar to this topic, about the past memories and such.
but this is really good! I love the rhyming and the nice flow of the words :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I don't have that box, but I have my writings from through the years and sometimes those can be just as uncomfortable. Opening wounds from the past, or loves that have since fallen apart. Nice job on this poem n

Posted 8 Years Ago

I really liked this piece- I too have a box like that, and sometimes the memories they raise are a bit uncomfortable.
Overall, this was written really well, I would just try to make sure to stray away from cliche metaphors- things like diamonds, feathers, knives... they generally detract from the originality of the piece. Otherwise, I think this was excellent. A change in structure might make it readable, but I think the contest was great.
Nice write. :)


Posted 8 Years Ago

I have two boxes of letters from the past. I read them like stories of another life. I believe we live many lives. We learn things and move on to be smarter and less foolish? I like this poem. Those old memories do feel like dreams. A excellent poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 9, 2010
Last Updated on June 9, 2010


Iris Jayne
Iris Jayne

Candon, Philippines

Sometimes I think I babble too much. more..

Love. Love.

A Poem by Iris Jayne