the odyssey

the odyssey

A Poem by Janna Badawy

the story about the odyssey of the old greek hero odysseus visiting the island of cyclops

the odyssey

there was a greek writer and also a poet.

his name is homer

he wrote the iliad poem.

he wrote about the odyssey

about the island of cyclops or loch nessy

about the hero odysseus

who's almost like the roman king julius

odysseus was sailing from the trojan war

happy with his victory and wanting more

he thanked the gods because he's safe

except poseidon who you needed to see his face

poseidon bacame angry and fierce

he flooded the sea from all his tears.

odysseus's ship wrecked on an island

the heaven with goodness sake it totally wild

when they discovered it's the island of cyclops

they were paralyzed and were filled with shocks

odysseus's men begged and pleaded to go to the ship

but odysseus refused to go backward like a wimp

when odysseus discovered a cave

he went inside but his men weren't such brave

he brought with him the sweetest wine 

to give it as a gift of his mine

when the cyclops came

he pushed a boulder and closed the cave

when he saw odysseus and his men

he grabbed six and ate them

when odysseus gave him the wine

the cyclop drank it and went out of his mind

he asked odysseus his name

"noone" odysseys answered without shame

when odysseus sharpened a stick

to blind the cyclop who's evil and wicked

when the cyclop's neighbors asked who attacked him

"noone" the cyclop answered while intelligence lacked him

when odysseus escaped from the cave

silly odysseus he told the cyclop his real name

the cyclop cursed odysseus

when poseidon heared this who's still furious 

he made the waves go crazy

to let odysseus live the odyssey

© 2014 Janna Badawy

Author's Note

Janna Badawy
what do you think of the poem? please comment

p.s: ignore grammar or spelling problems. remmember i'm still a kid

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not bad at all, you made me smile, and I don't do that so much lately.....

Posted 4 Years Ago

i don't know why you are really serious with the lochness part even though it's a joking part. i mean i didn't find any rhyming with " odyssey " so i decided the loch ness part would be really for fun

Posted 4 Years Ago

Well, the world is going to be a much better place with you in , thank you so much for the retelling of The Odyssey. Very clever use of rhyme and imagery, I could see it all unfolding although I must confess, I saw the movie. P.S. I don't think Homer ever heard of the the Loch Ness Monster..................

Posted 4 Years Ago

I love the poem, especially that it is dedicated to a classic work such as Homer's The Odyessy. However, I do have some suggestions. Seriously, I am only trying to help.
1) I am pretty sure the Loch Ness Monster was not in The Illiad or The Odyessy... Then again, I am not 100% familiar with Homer's The Illiad, so hey, I could be wrong. However, as Loch Ness is in the UK (If I remember correctly) and The Illiad and The Odyessy take place in the Meditteranean Sea, this seems unlikely.
2) The first line of the poem makes it sound like you are talking about two different people. Suggestion to fix this; "There was a Greek writer and poet".
3) Capitalizaton! Names should be capitalized, as well as the first word in every sentence, and don't forget the title!
Other than that though... I love it. Amazing poem.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on February 17, 2014
Last Updated on February 17, 2014
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Janna Badawy
Janna Badawy

alexanderia, Egypt

i'm an eleven years old girl who's very good at literature and won awards at writing in my school. i want to show thw world my writing skills by posting it on this site. more..

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