The Fight For Freedom

The Fight For Freedom

A Story by jaywolf1738

"NO!!!" I rushed to his side. I couldn't lose him, not now, not today. I unzipped his jacket. Blood stained his white t-shirt, and a few drops had landed on his necklace. I clutched to the necklace, my hand shaking with fear. My other hand caressed his cheek, stroking his soft skin. He slowly opened his eyes. Tears fell down my cheeks. His lips opened, whispering something I could barely hear. "T-T-The crystals...." He slowly lifts his hand towards mine. He drops a crumpled piece of paper into my palm. I held to his hand and the paper. "Don't leave me," I cried. "Please, just don't leave me." His eyes rolled back. His hand went cold. I screamed, and screamed, and screamed. I begged him to wake up, to let me see his beautiful eyes again. It felt like hours before I could finally calm down. I look at the crumpled paper in my hand. I opened it up, and began to read his smudged handwriting:

My Dearest Love, 
I knew I should have told you this a long time ago. I thought I was protecting you, but look at what happened. It is time for you to know. Your crystal still exists, and it's the only way for you to gain your true power. I know you may seem powerless, but trust me. Your crystal gives you more strength than you already have. It may even help you get your wings back. It also has healing powers, but use them wisely. Your crystal has been hidden for a long time because there have been several attempts of other angels trying to destroy it or take it for themselves. Look for the hippogriff that you tamed as a child. Just in case something happens to me, I love you darling. Never forget that.
Your King
I folded the paper and held it close to my chest. I couldn't quite take in everything that had just happened. Everything around me is being destroyed. Everywhere I turn there is smoke and fire in my face. And now, I had lost the love of my life. But I now know that there is hope. I must find the hippogriff. I must find my crystal. I must save my love and my home. And so it begins, a rebellion that will stop the evil king himself, the one who had tricked me when I was weak. I start this fight, this fight for freedom.

© 2017 jaywolf1738

Author's Note

Not my best piece but feel free to tell me what you think

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Its not bad. Its pretty good to be honest, very intriguing, perhaps it could be more descriptive of the two characters and easily extended into a longer piece of writing.

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16, very athletic, pirate pride, daydreamer, singer, love to draw, want to travel the world someday more..

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A Story by jaywolf1738