Chained Up

Chained Up

A Story by jaywolf1738

You had me chained up to a steel pole, in a small square of cement that is surrounded by barbed fencing. You had me isolated from everything that you can possibly think of, especially the sunlight. I would sit at the edge of my prison, trying to reach out to the light. A welcoming hand reached out to mine. That hand belonged to who would become my hero. He sat by my prison everyday, telling me stories of what it's like to be free and in the sunshine. He saw the horrible things done to me in prison. Blood stained the cement. Tears dried up in my face. He saw how I went along with the torture, and he would try to help with the pain. Eventually, I had enough. I wanted to fight to be free. I wanted to be with my hero in the sunshine. I was tired of the cold. I was tired of the pain. I wanted to be happy. So I began to fight. It started as small little victories, but the longer I fought, the harder each battle became. I began to give up a little bit, thinking that you would agree to peace, but I was wrong. I am still chained, but I won't be for long. I will break free. I will escape and I will be happy whether you like it or not. 

© 2017 jaywolf1738

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just a bit of words on my mind

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This is quite a dark poem but I like that you used themes not normally touched on to tell a story. It would actually make quite a good one-shot or story if you were ever looking to do something for the future, and to be honest, I think people would read it. I liked that you showed the character at first just sort of going along with it, and then, towards the end they give up, but then, right before the poem reaches its conclusion they end up having a renewed energy of sorts, to want to leave and break free.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on December 11, 2017
Last Updated on December 11, 2017



16, very athletic, pirate pride, daydreamer, singer, love to draw, want to travel the world someday more..

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A Story by jaywolf1738

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