A Few Angels Down

A Few Angels Down

A Story by John Ciarmello

A short


                                 A Few Angels Down


“I’m hit Willy!  I took two inside the flight deck; left leg shot up pretty bad! Over.”

“Roger that Peaty. Stay with me driver. What’s your heading?”

“Last heading, zero- three -five degrees South East, Over!”

“Roger that, do you have a ground visual?”

 “Negative on the visual! Over.”

 “Roger. I see you now. I’m right behind you Peaty. You have smoke and flame. You need to bail! Over.”

“Negative, seat boosters are shot up.”

“Roger that! You still have altitude peaty! Chart new heading: Two-two- zero degrees north west!    You’re heading into Russian air space, man! Over.”

“Roger. Engine just ceased. I’ve had it Willy! I’m gonna have to ditch! Over.”

“Roger. Christ, you’re over the gulag, Peaty!” Stay up! stay up driver! There’s an open field at two- two- zero degrees north west. Over!”

“Roger that Willy, new heading Two-two -zero degrees.”

“What’s your Altimeter reading Peaty?’

“Altitude: Seven- zero- two! Dropping fast Willy! Over.”

“Roger. I have eyes on you Peaty!”

“Roger that Willy, how do I look?”

“You’re clear to ditch!  You’re burning pretty bad, Peaty. You need to ditch now! Over.”

“Roger that, ditching! Altimeter reading: Seven hundred feet and dropping. Six Hundred, Five Hundred.”

“Pull that nose up driver! Over!”

“Roger! Four Hundred. Three. Two hundred… What the hell was that, Willy?”

“You took out the L.G. on that tree top Peaty! You’re comin down hard!”

“Yeah, I’m down. She’s taking it all to her belly! S**t! leg feels like it’s being jackhammered! Over.”

“Sorry to hear Peaty! I have eyes on you! It looks like you brought a few angels down with ya!”

“Why Is that?” Over.”

 “I don’t know how, but the flames are out. You’re still smokin like you pissed out a six pack on Daddies campfire though! You need to get clear of that bucket! How’s the leg? Over!”

“Roger. Good to hear on the flames. Leg’s pretty shot up. I’m looking at bone, Willy!”

“Roger that. S**t! you got Russian boots on the ground at Three O’clock peaty! Over.”

 “Roger. I see them Willy, keep your led!”

“Negative! I’m taking them out peaty!”

“Negative! negative! Stand down Willy, you need the fuel to go home!”


“Roger. As soon as I’m in ear shot of G.C. I’ll give them your location.”

“Roger!... Hey Willy?

“Go ahead Peaty.”

“That crack in your voice just then? It wasn’t meant for me, was it?”


 “Hell no!”

“Roger. Hey, bright side at least I’ll get this leg taken care of.”

“Roger that Peaty.”

“Tell the wife… Tell her I love her. Okay Willy... Tell her to make sure my son knows me.”

“Tell her yourself when you get stateside! And you owe me a beer.”

“Roger that.”

“They’re all around me Willy. I don’t mind telling you I’m a little scared.”

“Hang tough soldier.”

“Roger. Over and out.”




“How do I become the soldier he was mom?” Will I belong here at Arlington?”

“He was a good man before he was a good soldier, Pete.”


© 2018 John Ciarmello

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I love the title & the way it's worked into the story. Your style is well-done & realistic & compelling, altho I wasn't totally clear at a few points, not being familiar with your chosen lingo. Toward the end, you do a great job of showing grace under pressure -- the poster child for show instead of tell (((HUGS))) fondly, Margie

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank you for the wonderful review I always look forward
Wow, I'm almost sorry I didn't read this sooner.

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank you for the comment Wyrn, but why are you sorry you didn't read this sooner?
Wyrn Tiger

9 Months Ago

Because its so good of cores. And when you read my writing, I should have read yours that is how it .. read more
John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Yes I do enjoy reading you as well
Yes good men don’t die easy they remain always and memories never lost, very dramatic and got Adrenalin pulsing I felt I was there and wanted to jump out..well written🌹

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank you for the review! Yes our soldiers are special people. God bless them
Wyrn Tiger

9 Months Ago

My dad was lost in a war.
John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

sorry to hear! They are all heroes to me
This made m tear up. I really do hate war stories and war itself. So much death and for what? This was well written, good imagery because I saw the whole thing play out in my mind. Every detail of it as it caused my chest to tighten. It is a really good story though.

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank you so much for this great review Dianne!
An amazing story-teller with live action details. Adventurous, courageous and suspenseful with some sad outcomes of bravery and duty. I'm a fan...

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank you my friend Sami! It's always a pleasure to read your work and your reviews. Until next time.. read more
Sami Khalil

9 Months Ago

Until next time indeed. You are welcome.
I am swallowing hard when I say this...damn, what a story! I have goose bumps and chills, and that's quite hard to come by here in California!

Nice to meet you, John!

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank you so much Kelly! It was fun to write. I love shorts. It very nice to meet you

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John Ciarmello
John Ciarmello


I'm a 58 year old enthusiastic writer of short story and Children's rhyme. I love to try all types of writing. I love the challenge of flash fiction. I'm not sure I have a novel in me though! We shall.. more..


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