A Poppy on their Chest

A Poppy on their Chest

A Poem by John Ciarmello

I have no first hand experience with this kind of addiction. I'm just extremely intuitive.


                                                               A Poppy on their Chest


Molten red oozes from the hollows of thought.

 A third hand crushes threw the frontal lobe

 and grips the inner neck.

This-while nimble poppy fields waltz on a warming air.

 An unbeknownst annihilation;

Its luridness a harvest in a crowded netherworld.

Beauty chiseled from the rings.

How many will die tomorrow;

  a poppy on their chest?

The purity distorted

amongst the lively hillsides.

Which of these onlookers will see?

The pure in soul?

The blackened of heart?


Yes, call the dependent!

Ring the abuser!

It doesn’t matter to them.

Woozy hallucinations.

 Unhinged thoughts.

Blood fills the grounded cheek;

 The red coughed sporadically onto bleached cement;

 there- paints the junkies outline.

They gulp between internal shrieks.

Souls sold to the mules rotting corpse.

 Even with bludgeoned eyes does the Eagle see?

 Affluence embalms the addicted;

to gone to Pray for death.


© 2018 John Ciarmello

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It's ironic how a beautiful flower (in my opinion, anyway) can end up on a journey to such a destructive end. This was brash and pulled no punches. Excellent!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Amazing as always sir...no words..

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank You so much Govind
This read like a pounding hammer. Boom, boom. I like how it was relentless and full of vision. I know about the topic, but it seemed to me that the writing was stronger than the subject. The flow better than the drug. Great work. CD

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank You for the review CD. I like the analogy there with the pounding hammer!
CD Campbell

9 Months Ago

Thanks. You can use it. I get 1% royalties though.
John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Why not! Lol
Addiction or dependency can become abuse and lead to death. Lives lost, creates mayhem and grief. To lose peace, balance and sanity is hard. We become slaves to the product.
Very powerful poem and topic, sir...

Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

Thank you Sami! I'm happy it's not first hand experience for me. I hope I did the scenario justice? .. read more
Sami Khalil

9 Months Ago

You did. Keep it up. You are welcome.
The shame on our species is that we actually found a way to maim and kill with flowers; natures sweetest and most beautiful gift.

There is no end to our unhinged thoughts I fear.


Posted 9 Months Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Months Ago

I'm afraid you're right Beccy. Thank You for the great review!

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John Ciarmello
John Ciarmello


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