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Family Influence


primal fundamentals.








Taught to me before recollection.


forever my secret voice;


silent film.


invisible ink.


 If I choose it


consumes me.


If I live it


reveals me.


If I entomb it


will kill me.


I am not a deceiver.


I charted a life of normal need.

Of love.

Of acceptance.

Of family.

I chose to devote.

To shape a purpose.

To burn the book of impossibilities.



And now I am a tuft of that family.

Caught in a dense maze of towering shrubbery.

I hear their voices on the other side,




Thought I…

Denouncer of the manly way!

Rather not! In its place I evolved

to spite this section of


I... all of me--- a modern-day societal thug;

expected to


to compete,

to climb,

to profit,

to laugh,

to cry,

to fall.


I… the unsocial unit of this pride.

I press their rainbow flag above an uncertain stature.

Now, a daily reenactment of a life lived unbeknownst

to I… to them…

The accepted.

The expected.

The extracted.

I still find myself as voiceless as I am deserving.






© 2018 John Ciarmello

Author's Note

John Ciarmello
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you are far from "Voiceless"--
a poignant poem, my friend.
reminds me of much of my years, trying to be what i was supposed to, or at least faking it. But really being me all along, and now i can express that with freedom.

I related...

Posted 9 Hours Ago

John Ciarmello

9 Hours Ago

Thank you Jacob! It was easier to read then to write. We all evolve my friend. Some embrace it other.. read more
Your closing line walloped quite an impact, John. To find oneself "as voiceless as deserving". Great depth and perception throughout this enigmatic read!

Posted 2 Days Ago

John Ciarmello

2 Days Ago

Thank you so much for your review Kelly.This one is the truest to my life Best to you Kelly
I need to read and re-read this poem to fully understand its message. But what I can say now is that I learned from it. It felt rather personal, but not only inwards as much as outwards. And the wordplay. It amused me. One of the few pieces so far around here that I did not read a few lines of and skip. Good job.

Posted 1 Week Ago

John Ciarmello

1 Week Ago

Thank you Marcus for the review.. I did get a bunch off my chest with this one. I will be over to vi.. read more
Oh my gosh, I hesitate to challenge this one. I am not a poet just a wannabe who is dabbling. Let me see I found myself nodding along with some of the first stanza's, lines or whatever they call them. To be oneself is impossible when we are up against the past, and a new present that is being dictated by all sides. This is a master piece of complex truths that I will study further!

Posted 1 Week Ago

John Ciarmello

1 Week Ago

Thank You so much for the review Karen. I can certainly add by saying your writing towers way above .. read more
Karen Redburn

1 Week Ago

I'm back to read again. Goodness you have reflected a brave soul here. One that not only found a voi.. read more
John Ciarmello

1 Week Ago

It made perfect sense Karen thank you. I miss the life I had, but have grown with baby steps into th.. read more
A amazing poem. You told a story and create thoughts and understanding.
"An now I am a tuft of that family.
Caught in a dense maze of towering shrubbery.
I hear their voices on the other side,
The above lines I lived and I believe are true. Old voices, old words and old thoughts. Make us or break us. Thank you John for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

John Ciarmello

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you for the review my good friend. Its always good for me to read your reviews!
Coyote Poetry

2 Weeks Ago

I enjoyed your work and you are welcome my friend.

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John Ciarmello
John Ciarmello


I'm a 58 year old enthusiastic writer of short story and Children's rhyme. I love to try all types of writing. I love the challenge of flash fiction. I'm not sure I have a novel in me though! We shall.. more..