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Not my usual poetry, but just wanted to share


I recently had the opportunity to go hiking in the foothills of the Wasatch Front of Utah.  Being from Texas, my opportunity to enjoy the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains is limited and so for the first while their majesty held the bulk of my attention.  

However, as I walked, the trail passed through a grove of young oak trees (none of which were taller than myself) that were just beginning to show the vibrancy of fall colors.  I stopped and turned my attention to them and as I gazed, I began to think of their story.  Surely each had faced a great deal of struggle to grow amidst the hardships of the mountain climate and, the more I thought of this, I could not help but wonder, “For what?”  “All of that struggle to survive and grow, and for what?”

As I stood pondering their meager existence, I felt an impression come over me that seemed to have a voice. It said, “Their purpose is to rise and add beauty to the place where they stand”.  In an instant, this impression awakened me to an entire new view of all that was around me and I stood looking out in awe.  I saw everything before me through the prism of this new light, from the blades of grass around my feet to the mountain peaks towering above; all things were quietly fulfilling this call to rise and beautify.  

For a time I was carried away by the whole experience but then, I suppose as a result of wanting to become a part of it, my perspective turned completely around and it suddenly seemed as if everything in nature was looking back at me, posing the stinging questions… “Have you fulfilled this call?” “Have you risen and added beauty to the place where you stand?”  

I was thereafter left with a slow walk back to the car and an ocean of thoughts to sort through, thoughts of which I have no intention of divulging for such is not my intention in writing.  I write rather with the simple hope of fulfilling this call for myself, at least in some small measure, by offering these few words. Might they inspire you to rise up and add beauty to the place where you stand.


            …Jeff Bresee

© 2011 Jeff Bresee

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I appreciate your reference to the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. I myself had a similar experience, coinsidentally, in the State of Utah. The snow had melted, for the winter, in the mountainous ski area, as we took the cable car to the apex . Viewing the beauty that I experienced , brought me to an ocean of tears. How do we reciprocate, as products of the same "Mother"? The untamed animal, strangely enough, helps maintain the beauty of nature, while the higher form of humanity builds and then tears it down. Let us all concentrate on all that is green, instead of obsessing on all that is green($)!! Thank you for this write. Barbz

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Jeff, this story is of all things good, and wise! :)
Thank you for sharing it for all of us to enjoy, ponder, and apply to our own lives.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Thank you for making me think about
myself and if I'm adding enough beauty
in my world.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Amazingly beautiful and perceptive sentiment. "Rise and beautify"...words to live by, and the world would be a much better place if people took them to heart.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I loved this story. I feel like the words have been taken from my very mind. You have expressed what many times nature compells us to try to convey; and yet you did it so simply and beautifully. I enjoyed the whole story but my favorite paragraph was the fourth, second to last, especially where it said "it suddenly seemed as if everything in nature was looking back at me, posing the stinging questions… “Have you fulfilled this call?”" It made me really think of my perspective on nature's beauty as well. And I think that's the point of writing: to make you think and become a part of that writing. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Inspiration...Your words not only brought beauty to our hearts and minds, but inspiration to our souls. We were reminded to look beyond the obvious and take in all of what we experience with all five senses. And finally, you showed us that we should appreciate all we've been given by returning the privilege of the experience and do the same for humanity. I would say it is a matter of "pay it forward" in nature.

You wrote a lovely piece. It was filled with great emotion, and certainly conveyed your personal feelings, even though you had no intention of doing so. When the experience is written with sincerity and honesty, then you've unwittingly shared a part of yourself.

Nice "spiritual" title also...very appropriate.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Rise up and add beauty to the place where you stand... I really like that... keep standing Jeff .. you are helping someone else... blessings, Christi

Posted 5 Years Ago

RISE is the perfect title for this write...for you've taken the reader from your "aha,"
moment to a lift or rise toward the whole concept of the beauty and worth of nature and how and what place man has in it....
I am enjoying reading your work...thanks for befriending and bringing my attention..

Posted 5 Years Ago

Beautiful and inspiring. It's a good length for a piece like this.

Part of the last paragraph changes the mood. You've just shared a lot; I'm not sure you need to mention that you're not sharing everything.

Posted 5 Years Ago

This is well written. When you mention "I stopped and turned my attention to them and as I gazed, I began to think of their story.", who is they? More description would make the story more in depth. Are you talking about the Latter Day Saints? Native Americans?

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Jeff Bresee
Jeff Bresee

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