Chapter 7: silenthinkerbell's reply

Chapter 7: silenthinkerbell's reply

A Chapter by Jenny Marie

A promise of forever sealed through a lock and key. Two hearts beating for each other. Two hearts laced though far apart. One single lock and key would dictate two people's destiny.



Upon seeing the green envelope on the mailbox near our gate, my lips formed a curve though I kind of felt guilty because her replies are always on time. It always arrives two days after I send my letter to the neighborhood’s president’s house.


I immediately ran inside the house and closed my bedroom door before carefully opening her letter.


Dear Gnomeo,


Wow! I don’t know what to say about your Thank You List. But anyway, you’re welcome.


About the kid stuff, I do agree about us having one thing in common…and probably, we’ll get to discover more of our commonalities and differences as we continue sending each other our letters. And while we’re at it, do you spend much time with your half-brother? Is he cute? Tell me about him, please. (Sorry about being so excited about your brother, I just didn’t get the chance to have a brother as I am the only child of my parents.)


On your second letter, you openly talked about your Mom so I guess it would just be fair if I do the same. I was actually close to my Mom and we loved cooking and baking any recipe she wanted to try out. I guess she’s been like motherly, sisterly and friendly to me all at the same time and I had the best of time with her.


But as they say, happy moments would always come to an end. I lost my Mom when I started my junior high. She had breast cancer and never told us about it until it was too late.


So anyway, I don’t want to encourage some sulky vibes so I’ll move on to your request.


Yup, I think you just “requested” for a copy of my poem but I opted not to give you one, instead I wrote a new one. So just read the attachment after reading the rest of my letter, okay?


To continue our “I’m curious” questions, I’m curious about your opinion on this matter. Upon receiving your letter, I was having a little chat with my best friend and she talked about the knowing feeling about her pal. I mean she said it felt as if she knows her pal but she wasn’t sure about it. Do you think that’s possible? That probably, we actually do know each other and just isn’t aware about it? What about us, do you think we know each other?


Because honestly, I think we don’t and that’s good, right?


And here’s my final question…


Are we…

Are we friends now?


Your Pen Pal,




Honestly, after reading her letter…I felt a lot of emotions and I think, I will really do my best to write my reply tonight.

But I kind of feel disappointed when I didn’t read any answer to my final question. Maybe, I asked it too soon.


I flipped to the next page and I found a very intriguing poem.


I found you through letters

And you sent me shivers

Probably horror


Because honestly,


I’m single.

What about you?

Are you single?

Want to mingle?



Note: Hey, scrap this page. Haha! I just wrote this in my attempt to encourage good vibes and answer your final question without really talking about it seriously.

Flip it to the next page; I have a real sample of my poem in there.


I smiled to her humor and followed her instruction though I can’t still get through her limerick (though it’s not really one).


It's funny how I ended up using the lines
That I only watch in movies
and have read in books
to talk to you.

We were caught up
in an unintended situation.

I wanted to keep ignoring you
But I think the heart doesn't lie after all.
My heart knows I can't possibly ignore someone like you.

We were immersed...
in a musical conversation.

I was watching you...
I was watching how you show 
your deep love for music...

And the dream I wanted to reach
when I was like 12...
It came back to me.

I wanted to play music...
I wanted to make music...

And that is because you
woke up that dream I have long forgotten.

And you made my heart skip a beat.
You made it in just one chord...
one strum...
one song...
one smile...

© 2017 Jenny Marie

Author's Note

Jenny Marie
How's silenthinkerbell's reply? Did you like her poem? Tell me you thoughts about this chapter, please? :)

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Added on November 10, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017
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Jenny Marie
Jenny Marie

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