Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

The muffled sound of the music that filled the small room was slowly being drowned out by the soft moans of the curvy, well-built woman laid on top of Robbie, obviously enjoying the passionate kiss they were sharing on the small, black couch. The woman moved her lips to Robbie’s neck but as her hand slipped under Robbie’s fitted, red blouse, Robbie held her wrist to stop her. “Yvette,” she half moaned, “we have to stop.” Yvette lifted herself up to look at Robbie, confusion plastered across her face. Robbie bit her bottom lip, finding Yvette’s expression cute and turning her on more than she already was. Knowing that the woman hovered over her was waiting an answer, Robbie dropped her eyes from the amber orbs begging for a reason for her sudden rejection, and sighed. “Charlie will be here soon.”

            Yvette frowned. “You haven’t told her yet?” Robbie shook her head, only to receive a slap to the shoulder. Yvette pushed herself off Robbie and stood up. “Jesus, Robbie. You promised you’d tell her”

            Robbie sat up and ran her hand through her short, black hair. “And I will.”

            “When?” Yvette demanded, glaring down Robbie. “You keep saying you will but then you don’t. Do you even want to be with me, or am I just some toy to pass the time with?” Yvette’s voice cracked slightly at her own question, realizing that could be the reality of this situation.

            Robbie stood in front of Yvette, held her face in both hands and lifted her head so she could look at her. Robbie wanted Yvette to see her sincerity when she spoke her next words. “I want to be with you. You’re not a toy.” She smiled when Yvette threw her arms around Robbie’s neck, pulling her into a tight hug. Robbie moved her hands to rub Yvette’s back to calm the sobbing woman in her arms. “You need to understand, I’ve been with Charlie a long time. I need to find the right time to tell her.”

            Yvette pulled back and wiped her eyes. “I do understand, Robbie, I do, but I don’t know how much longer I can be your secret.”

            “You’re not a secret anymore,” a cold voice broke in.

            Yvette jumped away from Robbie, who was staring wide-eyed at the source of the voice. “Charlie?” Robbie breathed out as the color drained from her face. “How �" how long have you been stood there?”

            Charlie shrugged. “Long enough. Too long. Not really sure.” She turned to look at a very nervous Yvette, who was edging away from Robbie, attempting to stay out of Charlie’s way. “Hey, Yvette.” Charlie’s harsh tone stopped Yvette in her tracks. “How is my EX-girlfriend? Good?”

            Yvette looked between Charlie and Robbie. She didn’t know how to handle what was happening and, if she was being honest with herself, Charlie was scaring her. “I should go,” she forced out of her suddenly dry throat.

            “Stay where you are,” Charlie growled, making Yvette freeze with fear. “This involves you too.”

            Robbie stepped into Charlie’s eyeline, blocking Yvette from the harshness of Charlie’s glare. “Charlie, are you angry?” she asked, knowing exactly how stupid that question was.

            Charlie laughed humorlessly. “You really do have a gift for understating the obvious.”

            “Answer me,” Robbie pleaded.

            “Of course I’m angry, Roberta,” Charlie yelled. “Angry may not even cover it.” She dropped her head, closed her eyes and rubbed her temples with her fingers. “How long?”

            “Is that really what you want to know right now?”

            Charlie snapped her head up. “It’s the only thing I need to know right now,” she snarled. “I already know this is serious, for both of you, and I saw enough to not need details. So, I’ll ask again, how long?”

            Robbie raised an eyebrow and folded her arms defensively. “Does it matter?”

            Charlie clenched her jaw. “It matters to me, and I’m sure it matters to her,” she spat, pointing at Yvette.

            Noticing that Robbie wasn’t going to answer, Yvette took a deep breath to calm her nerves before she did. “Six months.”

            Charlie broke her staring contest with Robbie to look at Yvette. “Six months?” she snapped. Yvette nodded as tears rolled down her face. Charlie shook her head, turning back to Robbie, who was inching towards her. “I thought maybe a few weeks when I saw you when I walked in, which was great viewing by the way. So, what was last night? A guilt bang? Or was it because you didn’t get to see her?” Charlie accused.

            “Charlie listen to me. It wasn’t like that,” Robbie stated calmly.

            Charlie threw her hands in the air in frustration. “Then explain it to me. I need to know. I’m probably the only person in this place that doesn’t. I’m such an idiot.”

            “You’re not an idiot. This is my fault, not yours,” Robbie tried to reason. “Last night was what I needed to do to buy time, so I could figure out how to tell you about all of this.” As soon as the words left her mouth, Robbie knew she had said the wrong thing. She saw the hurt in Charlie’s green eyes and tried to take it back. “That came out wrong. I didn’t mean it like that.”

            Robbie reached out to touch Charlie’s shoulder but got her hand painfully smacked away. “Don’t you touch me,” Charlie snapped with so much hate in her voice it made Robbie step back. Charlie paced in front of Robbie. “I know things between us have been rocky for a while, but why didn’t you just tell me you met someone else?”

            Greg burst through the door from the club, scanning the room before focusing on the person he was desperately looking for. “Charlie, you’re here. Great,” he squealed. “The crowd’s getting restless. They want you.”

            “At least someone does,” Charlie scoffed.

            Greg pulled his eyebrows together, puzzled by Charlie’s words. “Excuse me?”

            Charlie flashed an unconvincing, fake smile. “I’ll be out in a minute.” Greg nodded and backed out of the tension filled room, closing the door behind him. Charlie let out a growl before glaring at Robbie. “I’ll get your customers pumped then I’m gone. You stay here. I think you’ve got some explaining to do to Yvette.” Charlie rushed to the main floor, keeping her head down, avoiding the concerned looks of her bar staff as she passed. She couldn’t risk making eye contact with anyone in fear she would break down. She could feel herself being watched from every angle and could hear the whispers of the people she ignored on the way to the stage. She hated that she was doing that but, in order to do her job even for a moment, she needed to cut herself off and focus. Grabbing a mic, Charlie made her way slowly to the center of the stage, took a deep breath and lifted the mic to her lips. “Good evening, everyone.” Hearing Charlie’s voice, the crowd cheered. “As you can probably tell, I’m not in the greatest of moods tonight, but I don’t want that to bring you fine folks down.” Charlie noticed the door to the office was open and looked to see Robbie stood in the doorway. Charlie smirked as an idea hit her. “So, to keep you all in the spirit, all drinks are two for one.” The crowd cheered louder than before. “Apologies to the bar staff for the extra work, but it’s to lighten the blow that I will not be here for a while.” The crowd booed, and Charlie managed a small laugh. “Come on, guys. I work hard for you and I deserve a break. Don’t worry, I leave you in good hands. Greg will be my replacement.” Greg’s head snapped in her direction. He pointed to himself to check he heard correctly, and Charlie nodded. “Yes, you. I have every faith in you. Just go easy on the classic disco tunes?” Greg rolled his eyes and flipped her off. “That’s all from me. Enjoy your night.” The crowd cheered again as Charlie left the stage. She, once again, put her head down and quickly made her way back to the office, pushing past Robbie at the door. “That’s it. I’m done.”

            Robbie closed the door and marched towards Charlie. “We’re not done, Charlie,” she barked.

            Charlie looked around the room and noticed someone missing. “Where’s Yvette?” Robbie shifted her eyes to the ceiling, briefly, but the movement didn’t go unnoticed. “You’re unbelievable. She’s upstairs?” Charlie said flatly. “Did you have sex with her there? In our bed?”

            Robbie sighed. “Charlie, don’t. Please. I don’t want to hurt you.”

            “Too f*****g late,” Charlie yelled, not caring if she could be heard outside the four walls that seemed to be closing in on her. “I need to get out of here.”

            Charlie rushed to the back door. As she opened it and took a deep breath of the cool air, Robbie called out to her. “Charlie, wait. Talk to me.”

            Charlie looked over her shoulder and almost turned back when she saw Robbie’s grey eyes filled with unshed tears. “What’s there to talk about?”

            “This. Us,” Robbie cried.

            Charlie shook her head and closed her eyes. She refused to cry in front of her now ex-girlfriend. “There’s nothing to say. You did this, and I’m done. There is no us anymore.”

            Charlie turned back to the door but only managed one step before Robbie called out again. “Charlie, please?” she begged.

            Charlie fought everything inside herself telling her to hear Robbie out. She knew if she looked back, she wouldn’t leave, and she had to. She had to be strong. “Goodbye, Roberta,” she whispered as she walked out into the night, allowing the door to slam closed behind her. Charlie pulled her jacket around herself, almost hugging herself, and walked away from the source of her pain and heartbreak, finally letting her tears escape as she disappeared into the dark alleyways.

© 2018 Jemma Packman

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