Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie is asleep on her couch, when Shannon and, a very drunk, Sally enter the apartment. Shannon turns on the light. Sally says "Shannon. Shannon!"

Shannon says "What is it?"

Sally says "There's a dyke on your couch. I think it's asleep. I'm going to wake it up"

Sally goes towards Charlie. Shannon tries to stop her but slips and falls on to Charlie. Charlie jumps awake and says "Hi."

Shannon stands up. Charlie sits up. Shannon says "Hi. What you doing here?"

Charlie says "Live here."

Shannon says "Shouldn't you be at work?"

Charlie stands up, walks to the kitchen and says "Coffee?"

Shannon says "No. Thanks."

Sally says "I will. Two sugars if you're doing yourself." Shannon glares at Sally. "What? Where's your bathroom?"

Shannon points to the bathroom door and says "Over there." Sally staggers towards the bathroom but stops and leans against the wall by the door. "You ok?"

Sally raises her hand. Charlie grabs a bowl from the side and takes it to Sally. Sally vomits in the bowl, lifts her head and vomits on Charlie. Charlie guides Sally into the bathroom to the toilet. When Sally has finished vomitting, Charlie helps her wash her face. Sally says "Take me to bed."

Charlie says "Excuse me?"

Sally says "I'm tired. I need sleep. take me to bed."

Charlie helps Sally out of the bathroom and says "I don't know where you're sleeping."

Shannon says "You don't mind her staying? I would have asked but I didn't know you would be home."

Charlie says "You're apartment too. I'll get the spare bed."

Sally says "You need a clean shirt. That one smells."

Charlie goes into her bedroom and a few moments later, comes out wearing a clean t-shirt and carrying a fold-out bed. Charlie says "Where do you want this?"

Shannon says "If I show you can you put it up? I don't know how to work those things." Charlie nods and follows Shannon to her bedroom. Sally grabs Charlie for support. Once they are in the bedroom, Sally lets go of Charlie and falls on to the bed. Shannon points to the right side of the bed. "There should be enough space where you are."

Charlie puts the bed up and starts to leave. Sally says "Where are you going? You haven't even undressed me."

Charlie says "Why would I undress you?"

Sally says "You got me in a bedroom, I'm on a bed and I'm not keeping my dress on."

Shannon says "Sally, she's not trying to sleep with you?"

Sally says "But that's what they do."

Charlie says "Not all of us."

Charlie steps towards the door. Sally stands up, grabs Charlie and kisses her. Charlie quickly pulls away. Sally falls back on to Shannon's bed and says "Goodnight lesbian Charlie sweet lips."

Charlie hurries out of the room and goes to sit on the couch. Not long after, Shannon comes out of her bedroom, closing the door behind her. As Shannon walks towards Charlie, she says "I'm sorry about her."

Charlie says "Don't be. She asleep?"

Shannon says "Yeah, well, passed out." Shannon sits next to Charlie. "How did you know she was going to barf?"

Charlie says "Work skill."

Shannon says "Speaking of your work, why aren't you there?"

Charlie says "Vacation."

Shannon says "You don't look this upset about being on vacation. What's wrong?"

Charlie says "Caught my girlfriend cheating. Her club. I can't be there."

Shannon says "I'm sorry, Charlie. Is there anything I can do?" Charlie shakes her head. "Not a good night for you, is it? Find that out, get puked on then attacked."

Charlie says "Attacked?"

Shannon says "By Sally just now."

Charlie says "Drunken kisses aren't attacks. She won't even remember when she wakes up."

Shannon says "She will. I'll make sure of that,"yawning as she speaks.

Charlie says "It's late, why don't you go to bed?"

Shannon says "Don't you want to talk?" Charlie shakes her head. "Stupid question. If you change your mind, you know where I am."

Charlie says "Thanks." As Shannon stands up, she falls back on to Charlie's lap. "You ok?"

Shannon says "Yeah. Stood up too fast I guess. Night."

Shannon stands up and goes to her room. Charlie says "Night."

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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