Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

            Shannon flips the light of the living room on, as a drunken Sally stumbled through the door behind her. Shannon shook her head as she closed the door and Sally giggled uncontrollably, unable to stand properly in her six-inch, black stilettos. Shannon wondered how her short, round friend could get herself in such a state, and why she always ended up babysitting her when she did. Her train of thought was broken by an excited squeal. “Shannon. Shannon.”

            Too tired to be dealing with Sally at the early hour of the morning, Shannon sighed heavily. “What is it?”

            “Is that a dyke asleep on your couch?” Sally asked, like it was the most interesting thing for her to have found. “I’m going to wake it up.”

            Shannon let Sally’s word sink in before her eyes widened in realization. She looked in Sally’s direction and, although she was staggering, the determination to achieve her target could be clearly seen. Shannon rushed to stop Sally from completing her goal, but lost her footing and fell towards the sleeping body on the couch, landing heavily on her chest. Shannon jumped when green eyes snapped open. “Erm, hi,” Charlie mumbled, her voice full of sleep and confusion.

            Shannon felt herself slipping into a daze looking into Charlie’s deep, forest orbs. “Hi,” she whispered. Charlie’s eyes took in the position she found herself in and her eyebrows raised. Shannon followed Charlie’s gaze and noticed her hands were rested on Charlie’s chest, a fraction away from her b***s. Shannon quickly scrambled off Charlie and stood up, clearing her throat and straightening out her dress. “What are you doing here?”

            Charlie swung her legs on to the floor and sat up, rubbing her eyes. “Live here.”

            Shannon rolled her eyes at Charlie’s answer. Sally was tugging at the hem of Shannon’s thigh-length, purple dress to get her attention. Shannon swatted her hand away. “Charlie, shouldn’t you be at work?” she questioned.

                        Charlie squeezed her eyes shut, holding back more tears. She didn’t want to worry Shannon with her broken heart issue, so she avoided the question and headed to the kitchen. “Coffee?”

            Her planned hadn’t worked. Shannon heard the pain in her voice and frowned. “No, thanks.”

            “I’ll take your sugar if you’re doing yourself,” Sally smirked. Shannon blinked rapidly and looked down at Sally, who was biting her bottom lip and staring at Charlie’s a*s. Shannon back-handed Sally’s shoulder and glared at her. Sally furrowed her brows in confusion. “What?” Shannon shook her head in disbelief. “Where’s the bathroom?”

            Shannon pointed in the direction of the bathroom and sighed. “Over there.” Sally staggered towards the bathroom and Shannon turned her attention to Charlie. The closer she got to the kitchen, the more things she noticed about her roommate that worried her. The slumped shoulders, the barely audible snuffling and, Shannon’s biggest concern, the puffy, bloodshot eyes. A loud thump stopped Shannon from pushing Charlie about what she was seeing. Shannon looked towards the noise, to see Sally leaning against the wall, her face devoid of all color. “Sally, you ok?” she asked, slightly panicked.

            Hearing the tone of Shannon’s voice, Charlie looked over at Sally and immediately grabbed a bowl from under the sink. She rushed in front of the small woman, whose arm was raised and cheeks puffed out. Sally smiled seeing Charlie so close but as she opened her mouth to say something, the only thing that came out was a stream of vomit. It hit Charlie, covering her white muscle T-shirt. Shannon cringed and gagged at the sight, Charlie, however, offered Sally a sympathetic smile and led her into the bathroom. As Sally finished what she started on Charlie’s shirt, Charlie rinsed the bowl in the sink before helping Sally clean her face. Shannon watched the two of them and couldn’t help but think that if Charlie knew how the puking woman she was helping spoke about her on a daily basis, she wouldn’t be doing any of that. Sally cupped Charlie’s face and leaned towards her. “Take me to bed,” she demanded with a husky tone.

            Charlie jerked her head back and stared at Sally in shock. “Excuse me?” she asked nervously.

            “I’m tired. I want to sleep. Take me to bed,” Sally answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

            Charlie looked up at Shannon. “I’m not sure where you’re sleeping.”

            Shannon rubbed the back of her neck. “You don’t mind her staying?” she asked.” “I would’ve asked but I didn’t know you’d be here.”

            Charlie stood up and put a hand on Shannon’s arm. “It’s your home too,” she reminded Shannon, who smiled softly in return. “I’ll grab the fold out bed.”

            “No,” Sally whined. “I want to sleep with this one.” She grabbed Charlie’s and pulled herself up. She suddenly pushed Charlie away and scrunched her face up. “But you smell funny. Yuck.”

            “Charlie, can you change your shirt?” Shannon asked while stifling a laugh. “I need help with her.”

            Charlie nodded and disappeared into her room. “Shannon, why have you never mentioned how hot your lesbian is?” Sally’s dreamy voice broke the short silence.

            “Charlie’s not my lesbian,” Shannon groaned. “She’s not a pet.”

            “Not denying it’s hot,” Sally sung out with a giggle.

            Shannon could feel a blush creeping up her cheeks. “Do you need me to turn the temperature down? You look flushed.” Charlie’s voice, although soft, startled her.

            She shook her head. “No, it must be the alcohol. We should get Sally to my room,” she rushed out, wanting to get Sally away from Charlie before she could repeat her comment.

            Sally stood up and clung to Charlie’s arm. “I like this one better. It matches your eyes,” she flirted while running her fingers across Charlie’s stomach.

            Shannon pulled Sally’s arm away from Charlie and Sally pouted. “Charlie’s eyes are green. The shirt’s red,” Shannon pointed out.

            Sally huffed. “Always sweating the details.”

            Shannon rolled her eyes. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

            Sally moved closer to Charlie. “I don’t want to go with you. You’re mean.”

            Shannon looked to Charlie for help. Charlie put her hand on the small of Sally’s back and guided her out of the bathroom towards Shannon’s room. Shannon opened the door and allowed them in. Charlie took in the baby blue walls, the queen-sized bed covered with mismatched pillows and sheets, and the few posters and photos that hung around the bed. She hadn’t stepped into the room since Shannon moved in and was glad Shannon had made it her own. “Can you put her on the bed?” Shannon whispered.

            Charlie nodded and sat Sally down on the edge of the bed. She saw Sally’s eyes slowly close and felt her grip loosen, so she stepped back but stopped when Sally’s grip tightened again. “Where are you going?” You haven’t underdressed me yet,” Sally mumbled out.

            “Why would I undress you?” Charlie was clearly thrown out by Sally’s question.

            Sally poked her fingers against Charlie’s stomach. “You got me in a bedroom, on a bed and you want me to keep my dress on? Don’t you want to look at me while you touch me?”

            Charlie’s jaw dropped but before she said anything, Shannon groaned. “She’s not trying to have sex with you, Sally.”

            “But that’s what they do. Aren’t I good enough?” Sally frowned.

            Charlie frowned. “Not all of us. I should leave you alone.”

            “Wait,” Sally yelled, jumping towards Charlie. She threw her arms around Charlie’s neck, pulled her head down and crushed her lips to Charlie’s. Charlie froze and waited for Sally to release her. Sally let go and flopped back on the bed. “Goodnight, lesbian Charlie sweet lips,” she hummed.

            Charlie quickly regained her senses, rushed out of the room and sat herself on the couch, putting her elbows on her knees and held her head in her hands. She didn’t notice Shannon was sat beside her until she spoke. “I’m so sorry about her.”

            Charlie dropped her hands and turns her head towards Shannon. “Don’t be. Is she asleep?”

            “More like passed out, but yeah,” Shannon chuckled. “Hey, how did you know she was going to throw up before?”

            “Work skill,” Charlie shrugged.

            Shannon nodded in understanding before her curiosity got the better of her. “Speaking of work, why aren’t you there?”

            Charlie looked down at her lap and shrugged again. “Vacation.”

            Shannon ran her hand through her hair and let out a sigh. “No-one looks this upset about being on vacation. What’s wrong? You can talk to me.”

            Charlie nodded but didn’t look at Shannon. Seeing the worried woman’s face would set her off once again. “Caught my girlfriend cheating. She’s my boss too. I couldn’t stay there.”

            Shannon tentively put her arm around Charlie’s slumped shoulders and rubbed her arms in comfort. “Oh, Charlie. I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?” Charlie shook her head. “Got your three bits of bad luck all in one night.” Charlie turned her head towards Shannon, puzzled. “Find that out, get puked on, then attacked.”


            “Just now, by Sally. Was it that forgettable?” Shannon joked.

            Charlie couldn’t help the small smile that appeared on her lips. “Drunk kisses aren’t attacks. Besides, she won’t even remember when she wakes up.”

            “Oh, she will. I’ll make sure of that,” Shannon yawned.

            “It’s late. Why don’t you go to bed?” Charlie suggested.

            Shannon pulled her arm back to her side. “Don’t you want to talk about this?” Charlie shook her head lightly and Shannon chuckled. “Stupid question. You know where I am if you change your mind.”

            “Thanks,” Charlie mumbled. Shannon patted Charlie’s sweatpants clad thigh and stood up, only to fall back on to Charlie’s lap. Charlie held Shannon’s waist on reflex. “You ok?”

            Shannon took a moment to respond. She was light-headed but couldn’t be sure if it was due to a head rush, or the fact that she could feel Charlie’s hands holding her waist delicately and her warm breath on her lips. “Yeah,” she breathed as her mind cleared. “Stood up too fast, I guess.” Shannon stood up again, ignoring that her dress had ridden up her thighs. “Goodnight, Charlie.”

            “Night,” Charlie responded, watching Shannon’s small, slim frame disappear back into her room, leaving her alone in the silence with only her thoughts.

© 2018 Jemma Packman

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