Chapter 11

Chapter 11

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Shannon working at the computer when there is a knock at the door. Shannon answers the door. Leigh is standing there. Leigh says "Hi. I'm Leigh, You must be Shannon. Is Charlie home?"

Shannon says "Yes. No. Hi, I'm Shannon. Charlie went out. Do you want to come in and wait? I don't know when she'll be back though."

Leigh says "Thanks."

Leigh enters the apartment and Shannon shuts the door. Shannon says "Can I get you a drink?"

Leigh says "I'd love a coffee." Leigh sits on the couch and Shannon goes to the kitchen to make the drink. Leigh looks around the apartment. "Charlie must of left in a hurry."

Shannon says "She did. But how did you know?"

Shannon passes Leigh her drink. Leigh says "Thanks. Her work's still on the computer."

Shannon looks and says "Actually, that's mine. Do you mind if I get on with it while you're here?"

Leigh says "Please, don't let me stop you. Do you always work from home? Charlie's said very little about you."

Shannon chuckles and says "Charlie says very little, period. I'm only working from home this week."

Leigh says "Promotion?"

Shannon says "You're really good at that."

Leigh says "Similar program in my office. You'd better tell Charlie it's promotion work or she'll help you. She's pretty good at that." Charlie comes through the door. "Speak of the devil."

Charlie says "Hey. Why are you here?"

Leigh says "Nice to see you too. Roberta rang me this morning,"

Charlie closes the door and says "Oh."

Shannon says "I'll leave you alone."

Shannon goes towards her bedroom as Sally comes out. Sally says "Can I get breakfast?"

Shannon says "Not right now. We need to talk."

Shannon pushes Sally abck into the bedroom and closes the door. Leigh says "Charlie, sit with me."

Charlie sits down next to Leigh and says "What did she tell you?"

Leigh says "That she'd upset you and you'd ended it."

Charlie says "One way to look at it, I suppose."

Leigh says "What way would you look at it?"

Charlie says "That I caught her kissing the woman she's been cheating on me with for six months."

Leigh says "She what?"

Charlie says "She could have told me she didn't want me. Why did dhe have to let me find out like that?"

Leigh puts her arm around Charlie's shoulders and says "I don't know but I'll find out."

Charlie says "Leigh, don't."

Leigh says "She brought me into this, minus the facts, so she can explain. Besides, I've had enough of her treating you like s**t and now I can tell her."

Charlie says "Any chance I could stop you?"

Leigh says "No but will you do a couple of things for me today?"

Charlie says "What?"

Leigh says "Firstly, get some sleep. You look awful."

Charlie says "Thanks. And the other thing?"

Leigh says "Can you pick Mickey up from soccer practice? It finishes around three but I doubt she'll mind you watching if you get there early."

Charlie says "Sure. Will I be taking her home?"

Leigh says "Is that where you normally take her?"

Charlie says "No. Everything as normal. I guess she doesn't know."

Leigh says "No." Leigh brushes hair of Charlie's face and stands up. "I'll come pick you both up when I've finished with that cheating s**t."

Charlie says "Still your sister."

Leigh says "Doesn't make it any less true. Are you going to be alright?" Charlie nods. Leigh kisses the top of Charlie's head. "Liar. I'll see you later. Behave while I'm gone?"

Charlie says "Yes, mommy."

Leigh leaves. Shannon comes out of her bedroom, goes and sits next to Charlie and says "Leigh didn't stay long."

Charlie says "Never does. Where's your friend?"

Shannon says "Getting dressed."

Charlie says "Want breakfast? Will she?"

Shannon says "I'm good and she'll be lucky if she can handle toast. I have told her she has to apologise."

Charlie says "For what?"

Shannon says "Last night. Do you want anything before I hit the bathroom?"

Charlie shakes her head. Shannon attempts to stand up but falls back down on to Charlie. Charlie says "You ok?"

Shannon says "Yeah. I've got to stop getting up that fast."

Shannon stands and walks towards the bathroom. Sally exits Shannon's bedroom and says "What is there to eat?"

Shannon says "Ask Charlie." Shannon enters the bathroom and shuts the door.

Sally says "Can I get something to eat?"

Charlie points to the kitchen and says "Help yourself."

Sally walks into the kitchen and starts making toast. "Do you eat?"

Charlie says "Not hungry."

Sally says "Is it because a straight woman is making it?"

Charlie says "No. It's not breakfast time for me."

Sally says "How is it not breakfast time?"

Charlie says "I work nights. I'm usually asleep now. It's not a lesbian thing, our body clock runs the same as any other human."

Sally says "Whatever. Do you have peanut butter?"

Charlie says "Next to the fridge."

Sally glances and says "Can't see any."

Charlie gets up, goes into the kitchen and looks on the shelves. She reaches up, takes the jar off the shelf and passes it to Sally. "Here."

Sally says "Thanks" Charlie goes back to sit on the couch as Sally puts the peanut butter on the toast. "Erm, about last night. I'm sorry."

Charlie says "Forget it."

Sally takes her toast, sits on the coffee table in front of Charlie and says "Can't forget what I don't remember. Shannon said I insulted you and threw up on you?"

Charlie says "Doesn't matter."

Sally says "Yes it does. I was wrong and I'm sorry." Sally takes a bite fro the toast. "Saying that, I insult you everyday, difference being you can't hear me and I would have puked on whoever was closest to me, just bad luck it was you."

Charlie says "Better me than my carpet."

Sally says "I do remember one thing about last night."

Charlie says "Good for you."

Sally says "I remember you kissing me."

Charlie says "I didn't"

Sally says "You did."

Shannon says "No, Sally, you kissed her."

Sally turns her head to see Shannon standing at the bathroom door with a change of clothes on. "How long have you been there?"

Shannon says "Long enough to hear you ruin a good apology by not shutting your mouth. Get off my coffee table and get out." Sally stands up and walks towards the apartment door. "Sally?" Sally stops and looks at Shannon. "Expect a bill for Charlie's shirt." Sally leaves, slamming the door behind her. "I'm sorry about her."

Charlie says "Don't be. Don't you have work?" Charlie motions towards the computer.

Shannon says "Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

Charlie says "Yes, boss." Charlie lays herself down on the couch.

Shannon sits down at the computer and says "Charlie, why don't you sleep in your room? You didn't sleep there last night either."

Charlie closes her eyes and says "Couldn't. Can't"

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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