Chapter 15

Chapter 15

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

At the high school, Charlie takes a seat on the bleachers and watches the soccer practice. The coach shouts "Come on girls! This is terrible! You'll be laughed out of the state championship if you play half as bad as that. Argh! Take a break."

The coach turns away. The girls break off into small groups. One girl looks towards the bleachers and says "Eww. There's a pervert watching us!"

All the girls look to where the girl is pointing. Mickie says "That's not a pervert." Mickie waves and Charlie waves back. "It's Charlie."

Girl says "Who's Charlie? Is it your boyfriend?"

Mickie says "Wouldn't you like to know?" Mickie runs over to Charlie. "What are you dong here?"

Charlie says "I do like it when you're pleased to see me."

Mickie says "Always please to see you. Some of the girls thought you were a pervert."

Charlie sighs and says "Did you tell them I was you're boyfriend again?"

Mickie says "No, but I didn't says you weren't either."

Charlie says "Pervert could have been easier to deal with."

Mickie hits Charlie's arm and says "Why are you here? Where's Leigh?"

Charlie says "Your sister had something she had to do so here I am."

Mickie says "Are we going to the car?"

Charlie says "Your mom rang me when she found out. She wants me to take you to a museum or something."

Mickie says "Really?"

Charlie says "No."

Mickie says "One day, Charlie. Can we go now? Coach is on our case big time."

Charlie says "I noticed. Something about a state championship?"

Mickie says "She reckons we'll get laughed out."

Charlie says "Playing like that, I'm suprised you even made it."

Mickie says "You're supposed to say nice things."

Charlie says "You play well, your squad is mumbled."

Mickie says "The squad's what now?"

Charlie says "Mumbled. Players in the wrong positions."

Mickie says "If that's all it is, why don't you go tell coach?"

Charlie says "I will."

Mickie says "I was kidding."

Charlie says "I wasn't. Go back to you're friends, Mickie. If I'm going to face the dragon, I don't want you to see me burn."

Mickie says "Charlie, my friends call me Milly not Mickie. I'm not a mouse."

Charlie stands up and says "No you're not a mouse, they're quiet. And, besides, who said I was you're friend?" Mickie hits Charlie in the arm. "Get to your friends."

Charlie walks over to the coach as Mickie goes back to the rest of her team. Charlie starts talking to the coach, pointing to the clipboard then at the girls. Girl says "Milly,what's you're friend doing?"

Mickie says "No clue."

Charlie walks away from the coach and heads back towards the bleachers. Coach shouts "That's it for today. I've got some things to think about. Hit the showers." The girls start to walk away. "Michaela. Come here."

Mickie walks over to the coach and says "Yes, Coach?"

Coach says "Thank your friend for me. may have saved my job."

Mickie nods, runs to grab her bag and continues to run to Charlie. Charlie says "Ready?"

Mickie says "Coach wants me to thank you."

Charlie says "If what I suggested doesn't work, she'll probably want to beat me. Let's go."

Mickie says "Charlie?"

Charlie says "What?"

Mickie says "I'm tired."

Charlie rolls her eyes, takes Mickie's bag and says "Fine." Charlie turns around and Mickie jumps on her back. "You've got to be nearly old enough to walk on your own."

Mickie says "Maybe you're getting old?"

Charlie says "Old before my time. Next my teeth will fall out and you'll have to mash up all my food so I can drink it through a straw."

Mickie says "That's disgusting."

As Charlie carries Mickie away, one of the girls stops to watch them. Coach says "Louisa. Showers."

Louisa says "On my way, Coach."

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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