Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Inside a small garage, Mickie is siting in an old half built car, Charlie is working beneath it. The radio is on. Mickie says "Charlie?"

Charlie doesn't answer. Mickie pushes the car's horn. There's a crash and Charlie shouts "S**t!"

Charlie slids out from under the car. Mickie gets out of th car on the same side  Charlie is and says "I'm sorry. I was trying to get your attention. I didn't think you'd hurt yourself. I'm sorry."

Charlie stands up, rubbing her forehead, and says "You said that already and you got my attention."

Mickie says "How's your head?"

Charlie says "Just a bump. No big deal. Why did you need my attention so badly?"

Mickie turns he radio off, sits on the hood of the car and says "Can I ask you something?"

Charlie says "Must be serious, music's off."

Mickie says "How did you know you were gay?"

Charlie says "Don't know how, just do."

Mickie says "Have you ever liked a guy?"

Charlie says "I like lots of guys."

Mickie says "The same way you like Robbie?"

Charlie says "I've never dated a guy. Something felt right when I was dating your sister. Not something I can explain though. What's with the questions?"

Mickie says "When you were dating? Is it over?"

Charlie says "Yeah. I've answered your question, you answer mine."

Mickie says "No reason."

Charlie sits next to Mickie and says "Don't buy it. You always have a reason."

Mickie says "I guess I needed to know. I couldn't ask anyone else."

Charlie says "Why do you need to know?"

Mickie says "Because I think I am."

Charlie says "What makes you think you are?"

Mickie says "Robbie, and I've never seen Leigh with a guy."

Charlie says "Means nothing. I know Leigh's had boyfriends, she's just picky. You know it takes her over an hour to pick out an outfit for work. Besides, it not a genetic thing."

Mickie says "Maybe it is for my family. All three of us love you."

Charlie says "Mickie, you've known me for a long time. You're the closest thing I've got to family and I love you as that, family."

Mickie says "What about Robbie?"

Charlie says "We loved each other but I don't think we were reallt in love."

Mickie says "What's the difference?"

Charlie says "Big difference. You'll understand one day."

Mickie says "Charlie, tell me."

Charlie says "I can't. I don't think I understand it yet."

Mickie says "Would you tell me if you did?"

Charlie says "No."

Mickie says "Why not?"

Charlie says "It's something you have to find for yourself. You can't be told about it."

Mickie says "If I get my heart broken because of this talk..."

Charlie says "I'll be there with the ice-cream."

Mickie says "She cheated on you, didn't she?"

Charlie says "Full of questions today."

Mickie says "She did and you found out and finished it last night?"

Charlie says "Yes but how did you know?"

Mickie says "I have my ways."

Charlie says "Answer the phone and not hang up this morning?"

Mickie says "Ok, I did that but I guessed the cheating."

Charlie says "Good guess."

Mickie hugs Charlie and says "You're better off without her."

Leigh enters and says "What's going on here?"

Mickie says "It's between me and Charlie."

Charlie says "She knows."

Leigh says "I won't ask how. Home time. Get washed up and changed, both of you. No-one is getting in my car like that."

Mickie grabs her bag and goes to the bathroom. Charlie removes the overalls she's wearing and goes to the work bench and says "Just had an interesting chat with your sister."

Leigh says "Really? What about?"

Charlie wipes her hands with some cleaning wipes while walking back to Leigh and says "She think she loves me. Said you do too."

Leigh says "Do you want to know my sisterly chat went?"

Charlie says "Not particularly."

Leigh says "She wants to talk to you."

Charlie says "Too bad.So, do you?"

Leigh says "Do I what?"

Charlie says "Love me?"

Leigh takes the cloths from Charlie's hand, starts wiping Charlie's forehead and says "You know I do. You're like a sister but slightly less annoying."

Mickie exits the bathroom and says "Why are you two whispering?"

Charlie says "If you were meant to know, we wouldn't be whispering."

Leigh says "Come on, let's go. Charlie needs sleep and I bet you have homework."

Charlie says "Are you sure you meant sister and not child?"

Leigh says "Do you want me to ground you?"

Charlie says "No, mommy."

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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