Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Shannon sat looking at Charlie's club books as Charlie and Leigh enter. Shannon says "Hi."

Charlie says "You eaten?"

Shannon says "I was going to order pizza soon. You want one?"

Charlie says "No thanks. Leigh?"

Leigh says "Yes, please, and you're having one too, Charlie."

Charlie says "Not hungry."

Shannon says "You need to eat. You've barely slept."

Leigh says "Not eating, not sleeping? You'll make yourself ill."

Charlie says "I won't."

Leigh says "I'm staying until I'm satisfied you've eaten enough."

Charlie says "Moving in then?"

Shannon says "I should leave you alone."

Leigh says "No need. She'll give in soon enough. Sorry, are we disturbing your work?"

Shannon says "Actually, this is Charlie's. Hope you don't mind?"

Charlie says "Your work?"

Leigh says "What Charlie's trying to say is what about your work?"

Shannon says "I needed the distraction."

Leigh says "From numbers to numbers, how is that a distraction? Wait a minute." Leigh turns to Charlie. "Your work? She let you take her books?"

Charlie says "I had them before I found out. Not her fault."

Leigh says "Don't defend her. She shouldn't get you to do these."

Charlie says "Leigh, stop. I was checking receipts that's all."

Leigh says "I'll take them back to her and she can do it."

Charlie says "Now?"

Leigh says "Good try but we're ordering pizza."

Shannon says "What's everyone having?"

Leigh sits down and says "Let Charlie order. She gets discount." Charlie goes to the phone. "You don't mind me being here, do you?"

Shannon says "No. I could do with the conversation."

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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Added on April 28, 2015
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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