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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

In the morning, Charlie enters the apartment and goes straight to the kitchen. Leigh is sat on the couch and says "You ok?"

Charlie jumps and says "Apart from the mini heart attack you just gave me? Yeah."

Leigh says "Where've you been?"

Charlie says "Walking."

Leigh says "Walking where?"

Charlie says "Breakfast?"

Leigh says "No. I'm going home."

Charlie says "Skipping out before breakfast after staying the night?"

Leigh stands up, grabs her coat and says "You're the one that tried to sneak out while I was sleeping. Bye, Charlie."

Charlie says "Bye, Leigh."

Leigh leaves. Shannon comes out of the bathroom in just a towel and says "Morning, Charlie."

Charlie says "Hi. Breakfast?"

Shannon says "I'll grab something when I'm dressed."

Shannon goes to her bedroom. Charlie pours a drink and there is a knock at the door. Charlie opens the door. Two guys barge their way in and slam the door shut. Charlie gets knocked to the floor. The guys start ransacking the apartment. One guy goes to the bedrooms, drags Shannon in to the living room and says "Look what I found."

Second guy says "There's nothing else in this s**t hole."

Shannon is shouting "Let go of me."

Guy says "Shut up before I shut you up like we did your friend."

Shannon looks towards Charlie and shouts "Charlie!"

Guy throws Shannon to the floor and says "I said shut up."

Second guy says "What are you doing? Let's get out of here."

Guy says "I'm not leaving here with nothing. Check that one's not dead."

Second guy goes over to Charlie and says "Not moving."

Guy says "Check for a pulse while I deal with this."

Shannon says "Please don't hurt me."

Guy says "Then don't fight."

Shannon struggles with the guy while the second guy cheks Charlie for a pulse. As the second guy kneels down, Charlie quickly rolls towards him, slams his head into the floor and slowly gets to her feet. Shannon sees Charlie and shouts "Charlie, help me!"

Guy says "Your friend can't help you."

Charlie punches the guy, pushes him off Shannon and says "Sure I can."

Charlie helps Shannon up as Leigh enters the apartment. Leigh says "I forgot my purse." The second guy scrambles out of the door. "What the hell?"

Thr guy tackles Charlie. As Charlie fights with him, she shouts "Leigh, get Shannon in the bathroom and lock the door. Now!" Leigh takes Shannon in to the bathroom. Charlie fights with the guy, grabs him by the throat and slams him against the wall. "I never want to see you again. Do you understand?"

The guy pushes Charlie away and, as he is heading out of the door, says "You haven't seen the last of me."

Charlie says "Get some new material and get the hell out of my building."

The guy leaves the apartment. Charlie leans against the wall and falls to the ground. Leigh rushes out of the bathroom to Charlie and says "Are you ok?"

Charlie stands up and says "I'm fine." Charlie walks over to Shannon. "Did he hurt you? Shannon? Shannon, did that guy hurt you?" Shannon hugs Charlie and starts to cry. Charlie comforts Shannon. "Why don't you go get dressed? We'll get you to the hospital, get you checked out."

Shannon nods and heads to her bedroom. Leigh says "Charlie, what happened?"

Charlie says "Nothing happened."

Leigh says "What could of happened? What almost happened?"

Charlie says "Leigh, why worry about what didn't happen?"

Leigh says "Are you going to ring the police?"

Charlie says "Hospital first."

Leigh says "Seriously, Charlie, what's going on?"

Charlie says "Why would anything be going on?"

Leigh says "You've just volenteered to go to the hospital."

Charlie says "Not to go, to take."

Leigh says "You're not going to get yourself looked at?"

Charlie says "I don't need looking at, Shannon does."

Leigh says "Charlie, Shannon wasn't the one brawling with some maniac."

Charlie says "Leigh, stop it. Shannon needs to go. It's important."

Leigh says "Why?"

Charlie says "She's pregnant." Shannon walks back into the living room wearing baggy clothes. "Ready to go?"

Shannon says "I don't want to. Don't make me."

Charlie says "I won't." Charlie walks over to the counter, picks up a letter and passes it to Shannon. "But read this before you decide."

Shannon reads the letter and says "You know?"

Charlie says "Sort of. Do you want to go?"

Shannon nods. Charlie looks at Leigh. Leigh says "My car's down front."

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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