Chapter 21

Chapter 21

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

At the hospital, Charlie, Shannon and Leigh sat in the ER waiting area. Shannon says "Charlie, I should go see him."

Charlie says "You will, just think you should make sure you're ok. Don't want to collapse or something in front of this guy?"

Shannon says "You're right. Charlie, how much do you know?"

Charlie says "More than I can handle."

Shannon says What's that mean?"

Charlie says "This is your business and I should not be part of it."

Shannon says "How do you know?"

Charlie says "I'll explain later."

Shannon says "Did you read my letter?"

Charlie says "Shannon."

Shannon says "You did. You did read it! How could you?"

Charlie says "I didn't."

Charlie looks away, sees Crystal and stands up. Leigh says "Where are you going?"

Charlie says "To talk to a nurse. See if I can hurry this along."

Leigh says "This isn't like ordering food, you know?"

Charlie walks up behind and says "Hey, I need a favour." Crystal turns around to face Charlie. "Make like you don't know me?"

Crystal says "Why?"

Charlie says "I need my room mate checking. She, well, we kinda got attacked this morning ..."

Crystal says "My God. Are you alright? Stupid question, never mind. I'll get right on it."

Charlie says "There's something else."

Crystal say "Isn't there always with you?"

Charlie says "She's carrying my dad's baby and she wants to se him but she doesn't know he's my dad."

Crystal says "That's no problem and I'll think of an excuse for you to be out of the way."

Charlie says "Thanks. I owe you for this."

Crystal says "And I will collect. So sit back down."

Crystal walks away, Charlie goes back and sits between Shannon and Leigh. Leigh says "Well?"

Charlie says "Won't be long."

Leigh says "You were a while with that nurse. Were you getting a date?"

Charlie says "Something like that."

Leigh says "How long have you been single?"

Charlie says "Leigh, I said something like that."

Leigh says "I'm going make a phone call. Shannon, do you want me to ring anyone for you?"

Shannon says "No, thank you."

Charlie says "You're not ringing your mom are you?"

Leigh says "I won't if you promise to get checked over?"

Charlie says "I'm fine but if it'll stop you nagging I will."

Leigh says "Good girl. Come get me if I'm not back."

Leigh stands up and walks outside. Shannon says "Charlie?"

Charlie says "Yeah?"

Shannon says "Thank you."

Charlie says "For what?"

Shannon says "Bringing me here."

Charlie says "It was your decision. Besides, Leigh drove."

Shannon says "But we should have been driving you here anyway. Leigh was right, you were unconcious when I first saw you."

Charlie says "You heard?"

Crystal comes over to Charlie and Shannon, and says "The doctor will see you now. If you would follow me."

Shannon says "Don't you need to get Leigh?"

Charlie says "No. This is for you not me."

Leigh appears behind Charlie and says "Don't you try that."

Charlie says "Try what?"

Leigh says "You know what."

Charlie says "How? You borrow Daredevil's hearing?"

Leigh says "You will never know. Follow the nurse."

Crystal says "This way."

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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Added on April 28, 2015
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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