Chapter 22

Chapter 22

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Shannon is sat on a bed. Charlie and Leigh are stood nearby. Charlie says "Leigh, why don't you get to work?"

Leigh says "Are you being seen?"

Charlie says "Not yet."

Leigh says "There's your answer."

Shannon says "Charlie, what did the nurse say to you before?"

Charlie says "Doctor won't be long."

Shannon says "Did you ask about...?"

Charlie says "She'd see what she could do."

Yvette enters the cubicle looking at a chart and says "Miss Rosefield, how may I help you today?" As she looks up, Yvette sees Charlie. "Charlie, what are you doing here?"

Charlie says "Can you just take care of my room mate? That is your job, right?"

Yvette says "It is."

Charlie puts her hand on Shannon's shoulder and says "We'll be out here if you need anything."

Shannon says "You're not leaving me, are you?"

Leigh says "We need to find Charlie a doctor."

Yvette says "I'm right here if you need a doctor. Like you said, Charlie, it's my job."

Charlie says "Concentrate on one patient at a time. You've seen how difficult it is to take care of two women at once."

Crystal enters the cubicle and says "Excuse me, doctor. Miss Robinson, I've found someone that can take a look at you if you can step next door?"

Charlie says "Not leaving, right next door."

Charlie and Leigh follow Crystal into the next cubicle. Charlie sits on the bed as Crystal closes the curtain. Leigh says "How do you two know each other?"

Crystal says "How did you know?"

Charlie says "Miss Robinson."

Crystal looks at Charlie with a look of confusion. Leigh says "You're the nurse Charlie spoke to in the waiting area. She would have told you to call her Charlie, and if you didn't know her you would need her chart to know her name."

Crystal says "You a cop?"

Leigh says "Would it worry you if I was?"

Charlie says "Leigh, stop it. I'm being seen."

Leigh says "I'm staying until someone's here to see you."

Crystal says "I'm your someone. I promise I won't let her out of my sight until I'm sure she's ok."

Leigh says "She will try and talk her way out of here."

Crystal says "I can handle her. I know all about Charlie's silver tongue."

Charlie says "Sat right here. Crys, you might want to modify that last statement."

Crystal begins to examine Charlie and says "You and your charm helped me keep my apartment."

Leigh says "How?"

Crystal says "Not exactly sure. All I know is she spoke to my landlord and he hasn't hassled me since."

Charlie says "Excuse me, nurse, but do you usually to your patients or just around them?"

Crystal says "Sorry. So, apart from being here, how've you been?"

Charlie says "Fine."

Leigh says "That's why people talk around you. Charlie has just come out of a relationship with someone that treated her like a door mat and cheated on her."

Crystal says "Sounds like you're better off without her."

Leigh says "She is. That woman is a complete b***h."

Charlie says "She's still you're sister. Can I get out of here yet?"

Crystal says "No. It's off to X-ray for you. You've got bumps and bruising that need checking properly."

Leigh says "Definitely not leaving now."

Charlie says "I'd better check on..." Shannon and Yvette enter the cubicle. "Never mind. How are you?"

Shannon says "Doctor says shock."

Charlie says "She'd know."

Crystal says "Miss Rosefield, will you follow us?"

Crystal leads Shannon and Leigh out of the cubicle. As Charlie is about to leave Yvette grabs Charlie's arm and says "Can we talk?"

Charlie says "What have we got to talk about?"

Yvette says "Robbie."

Charlie says "Get off me."

Yvette says "She wants to talk to you."

Charlie says "Let me go and stay out of my life."

Yvette lets go and Charlie walks away.

© 2015 Jemma Packman

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