Chapter 29

Chapter 29

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie walks down the corridor and sees Louisa sat by the drinks machine. Charlie says "Hey. Want a drink?" 

Lousia looks up and says "No. Thank you." 

Charlie says "Can I sit down?" 

Louisa says "Anyone stopping you?" 

Charlie sits next to Louisa and says "Want to talk about it?" 

Louisa says "About what?" 

Charlie says "Whatever's bothering you." 

Louisa says "What could be bothering me?" 

Charlie says "You're father got another woman pregnant and you've just seen them together in his room." 

Louisa looks at Charlie, partly amazed, partly shocked, and says "How did you know that?" 

Charlie says "I was in there." 

Louisa says "Are you pregnant too?" 

Charlie says "No." 

Louisa says "So why were you in there?" 

Charlie says "You're dad wanted to thank me for helping Shannon this morning." 

Louisa says "Her name's Shannon? I didn't know that. How did you help her?" 

Charlie says "I stopped her from getting hurt." 

Louisa says "You helped at soccer practise. You told coach to switch us around." 

Charlie says "You saw me?" 

Louisa says "You left with Milly." 

Charlie says "I did." 

Louisa says "So you must be Charlie?" 

Charlie says "I am." 

Louisa says "Milly says she trusts you with everthing." Charlie nods. "If I ask you something will tell me the truth?" 

Charlie says "Sure." 

Louisa says "That woman." 

Charlie says "Shannon?" 

Louisa says "Is she ok? As a person." 

Charlie says "In my opinion, she's kind, caring, smart, a good woman, but don't take my word for it." 

Louisa says "Why not?" 

Charlie says "Everyone has a different opinion. You'd be better making your own." 

Louisa says "I'll only know if she's ok if I get to know her myself?" Charlie nods. "Thank you." 

Charlie says "No problem." 

Louisa says "I'm going back in. Are you coming?" 

Charlie says "No. I got things to do." 

Louisa stands up and says "Ok." 

Charlie says "Are you going to be alright?" 

Louisa says "Yeah. Be easier if my sister was here though. She'd know what to do about all of this." 

Charlie stands up and says "Where is she?" 

Louisa says "She died. Six years ago. Car accident." 

Charlie says "Car accident?" 

Louisa says "Bad one." 

Charlie says "I shouldn't have asked." 

Louisa says "You weren't to know. Look, I'm going back in there but thanks again." 

Charlie says "Don't mention it." 

Louisa says "See you around?" 

Charlie says "Probably." 

Louisa smiles and goes back into Lucas' room.

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on March 4, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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