Chapter 30

Chapter 30

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie talking to Crystal as Leigh walks up to them and says "Hey." 

Charlie says "Hey. I hope you haven't been bothering the nurses?" 

Leigh says "I was going to say the same to you but I can see that you are." 

Charlie says "I'm not bothering her. I'm trying to save her some work and she's complaining." 

Crystal says "I'm not complaining but I don't think someone understands how much extra work I'll have to do if they don't stay to see her X-rays." 

Leigh says "I think she does but is scared of hospitals and hasn't thought about how much more time she'd have to spend in one if she leaves too soon." 

Charlie says "I'll go stand over there." 

Leigh says "Why?" 

Charlie says "It'll be easier for you two to talk like I'm not here if I wasn't." 

Leigh says "Aww, baby. Don't be like that. We're only doing it because we care." 

Crystal says "Yeah. Don't get mad." 

Charlie says "I'm not mad. I'm not completely sane, but I'm not mad." 

Leigh hits Charlie's arm and says "Idiot." 

Shannon walks over to them and says "Charlie?" 

Charlie turns around and says "Yeah?" 

Shannon says "Are you ok? I haven't asked once since this happened." 

Charlie says "Just bruises." 

Shannon says "Thank god. What if we hadn't come here and something was wrong? It would have been my fault. I was that wrapped up in what I was going through I didn't even consider what you risked when you took on those animals." 

Charlie puts her hands on Shannon's shoulders and says "It's ok. I'm fine." 

Shannon says "I was babbling wasn't I?" Charlie nods. "If you're ready, I'm ready." 

Charlie says "Let's get out of here." 

Leigh says "Charlie, you're X-rays?" 

Charlie looks at Crystal. Crystal says "I'll call you if you need to come back in." 

Charlie says "Thanks." 

Crystal says "I'll be at the club tonight. Will I see you there?" 

Charlie says "Not for a while." 

Leigh says "She's having a problem with the management." 

Crystal says "Fair enough. Well it was nice to meet you, Leigh, and Charlie, stay out of trouble?" 

Leigh says "We'll be lucky." 

Charlie says "Thanks, ladies. Shall we go before you two give me a complex?" 

Charlie, Shannon and Leigh leave.

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on March 4, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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