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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Leigh and Shannon sat watching TV. Leigh says "Are you ok?" 

Shannon says "Yeah. No. I'm worried about what you and Charlie think of me." 

Leigh says "Why?" 

Shannon says "I wasn't going to go to the hospital until Charlie gave me that letter. I didn't think what she risked to protect me, how badly she could have been hurt." 

Leigh says "Shannon, if that had happened to me, I wouldn't have thought about it either." 

Shannon says "How much do you hate me?" 

Leigh says "I don't hate you. Charlie wouldn't have gone to the hospital if you hadn't. She doesn't like to make a fuss, she never has. You won't hear Charlie's voice from in there." Leigh points towards Charlie's room. "Roberta, however, you will. Kind of surprised we haven't already." 

Shannon says "How long have you known Charlie?" 

Leigh says "Ten years, nearly. Next September." 

Shannon says "So nine years?" 

Leigh says "Yes, but when you get to know her, you wish you'd known her longer." 

Shannon says "What do you mean?" 

Leigh says "Charlie's very complex. She's very guarded. She won't let people get close to her but she'll get close to them." 

Shannon says "I don't understand." 

Leigh says "Charlie only let's people see what she wants them to see, so different people see different things." 

Shannon says "Like different personalities?" 

Leigh says "Same personality, different levels of confidence. Stick her in front of a group of strangers, full of confidence, but a few close friends..." 

Shannon says "A quivering wreck?" 

Leigh says "You got it." 

Shannon says "How long had they been together? Your sister and Charlie?" 

Leigh says "Five years, I guess. God knows how. They are too alike in different ways." 

Shannon says "You've lost me." 

Leigh says "When Charlie talks to you, she speaks softly and you can tell she wants to help, but when Roberta does it, it always sounds like she's after something." 

Shannon says "Charlie has only ever spoken softly to me. That's if she speaks at all." 

Leigh says "Ok, not the best example, but it's the same with the way they look, smile and touch." 

Shouting can be heard. Shannon says "Should we?" 

Leigh says "No." 

The shouting gets louder, things crash then silence. Leigh stands up as Charlie walks to the kitchen, holding her nose. Robbie is behind Charlie. Robbie says "Charlie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." 

Charlie spits blood into the sink. Shannon stands up. Leigh walks towards Charlie. Robbie moves closer to Charlie and touches her shoulder. Charlie shrugs Robbie's hand off her shoulder and says "Don't touch me." 

Leigh pushes past Robbie to Charlie, grabs a cloth, dampens it, places it under Charlie's nose and says "Hold that there. How did this happen?" 

Robbie says "My ring caught her." 

Leigh says "You hit her?" 

Leigh goes to move towards Robbie but Charlie slams her hand down on then counter, stopping Leigh with her body. Charlie looks at Robbie and says "Get out." 

Robbie says "Charlie, please. I'm sorry." 

Charlie says "You have nothing I want to hear." 

Robbie says "Charlie, look at me?" 

Charlie turns her head away from Robbie. Shannon opens the apartment door and says "She said get out." 

Robbie leaves and Shannon closes the door. Charlie says "Thanks." 

Leigh says "You going to let me out of this human cell?" 

Charlie moves and puts the cloth down. Shannon says "Are you ok?" 

Charlie nods. Leigh says "Liar." 

Charlie half smiles.

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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