Chapter 34

Chapter 34

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Louisa and Mickey at lunch. Mickey says "Where were you this morning?" 

Louisa says "I went to see my dad." 

Mickey says "How's he doing?" 

Louisa says "Well enough to have his mistress with him." 

Mickey says "Oh. You ok?" 

Louisa says "I flipped out first, but your friend, Charlie, calmed me down and I actually spoke to Shannon." 

Mickey says "Charlie was at the hospital? And who's Shannon?" 

Louisa says "Shannon, that's her name, Dad's lover." 

Mickey says "Why was Charlie there?" 

Louisa says "They're flatmates and they were attacked." 

Mickey says "Attacked? What do you mean attacked?" 

Louisa says "I don't know." 

Mickey says "Was she ok? Was Charlie hurt?" 

Louisa says "She looked fine." 

Mickey says "I'm going over, make sure she's ok." 

Louisa says "Now?" 

Mickey says "No, I should ring my sister first. She'll want to know." Mickey pulls out her phone, dials and puts the phone to her ear. "Hey, are you with Charlie? I was thinking about coming over to see her. Well, soon. I know I'm in school but if Charlie's not ok... But... Fine. Bye." 

Louisa says "Not going then?" 

Mickey says "Yeah, but later." 

Louisa says "Can I go with you?" 

Mickey says "To see Charlie?" 

Louisa says "No. I wanted to talk to Shannon." 

Mickey says "Sure. My sister said I should let Charlie sleep, so I'll go around seven. That good for you?" 

Louisa says "Yeah." 

Mickey says "You think you can pick me up?" Louisa nods. "What's wrong?" 

Louisa says "Nothing really. I was thinking about my sister." 

Mickey says "I guess you could really do with her right now? I don't know what I'd do without my family and Charlie." 

Louisa says "I could. She could always make me smile." 

Mickey says "Hey, you got me." 

Louisa says "Thanks."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on March 4, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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