Chapter 36

Chapter 36

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

At the hospital. Charlie and Leigh sat in the waiting area. Charlie is resting her head on Leigh's shoulder. Leigh says "Charlie, is there something you're not telling me?"
Charlie says "Yes, but it's nothing you need to worry about."
Leigh says "If it affects you, I'm going to worry."
Charlie says "You don't need to. I'm a big girl now."
Leigh says "If I don't need to worry, why won't you tell me?"
Charlie lifts her head, looks at Leigh and says "Leigh, please, don't push this."
Leigh says "Alright. You will tell me eventually?"
Charlie says "I'm sure you'll find out."
Crystal walks over and says "Charlie."
Charlie says "Hey."
Crystal says "Hi, Leigh. Charlie, let's get you fixed up properly this time shall we?" Charlie and Leigh follow Crystal into a treatment room. Crystal closes the door. "Charlie, take your shirt off and get on the bed."
Charlie says "You're supposed to take me some place nice before you can say things like that to me."
Leigh says "You're not funny."
Charlie says "I know. Serious."
Crystal says "Then do what you're told and tell me about your face."
Charlie says "My face? I came with my head and the rest of my body."
Leigh says "Quiet you. My sister hit her."
Crystal says "With what?"
Charlie says "She slapped me and her ring caught, that's all."
Leigh says "She hit you hard enough to make your nose bleed."
Crystal says "Really? I'll take a look at that after we strap up your wrist and your ribs."
Leigh says "Wrist? You didn't mention your wrist."
Charlie says "Precaution, right?"
Crystal says "It's just swollen. Charlie, shirt now."
Charlie starts to take off her shirt. Leigh says "Wait."
Crystal says "What is it?"
Leigh says "Does it hurt to move your arms when your ribs are cracked?"
Crystal says "It should. Charlie, how much pain are you in?"
Charlie says "I'm fine."
Crystal says "Don't move. Leigh, can you give me a hand?"
Crystal and Leigh slowly take off Charlie's shirt. Charlie says "Never had two beautifulwomen undress me."
As the shirt comes off, Crystal says "Make the most of it, it probably won't happen again."
Leigh says "I'm going to get a coffee, you want anything?"
Charlie says "What? No kiss?"
Leigh says "Excuse me?"
Charlie says "You undress me and leave. What's that about?"
Leigh says "I'm sorry."
Leigh kisses Charlie's forehead. Charlie says "That it?"
Leigh says "It was only a shirt."
Charlie says "Tease."
Leigh says "I'll see you soon."
Leigh leaves. Crystal says "So?"
Charlie says "What?"
Crystal says "Stand up." Charlie stands up. Crystal moves Charlie's arms up. "Hold there." Crystal starts strapping Charlie's ribs. "You and Leigh?"
Charlie says "Just friends."
Crystal says "Good."
Charlie says "Have you got a crush?"
Crystal says "Sit down."
Charlie sits on the bed and Crystal starts to strap Charlie's wrist. Charlie says "You do. You've got a crush."
Crystal says "Maybe I do."
Charlie says "Do you want me to tell her?"
Crystal says "No. I can do it."
Charlie says "Your choice. Are we done yet?"
Crystal says "Almost. Let me look at your face."
Charlie says "You don't need to. It's a scratch."
Cystal says "Then it'll only take a second." Crystal looks at Charlie's nose. "You're were right, it's a scratch."
Charlie says "So I'm good to go?"
Crystal says "Put your shirt on." Charlie outs her shirt on and gets off the bed. Crystal grabs Charlie's arm. "Charlie, wait."
Charlie says "What?" Crystal moves towards Charlie. Charlie holds Crystal back. "Don't. Please."
Crystal says "Why not?"
Charlie says "I can't."
Crystal says "Too soon?" Charlie nods "I'm sorry."
Charlie says "It's ok. I should go."
They hear shouting. Crystal says "What the hell is that?"
Charlie says "Leigh."
Charlie rushes out of the room to find Leigh shouting at Yvette. Charlie stands between them. Leigh says "Get out of my way."
Charlie says "No. What's going on?"
Yvette says "I wanted to explain."
Charlie says "To her? Are you nuts?"
Leigh says "Hey! I was looking out for you."
Charlie says "Thank you, but this is her place of employment. We should get out of here."
Leigh says "You're right. Let's go."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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