Chapter 37

Chapter 37

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Shannon working when her cell phone rings. She answers it and says "Hello?"
Sally says "Hey, how's it going?"
Shannon says "Fine thanks, Sally. What can I do for you?"
Sally says "I heard someone got attacked this morning near you, wondered if you knew anything about it?"
Shannon says "S**t. News travels quick."
Sally says "Yes it does. What do you know?"
Shannon says "Why do you want to know?"
Sally says "Let's call it a thirst for knowledge."
Shannon says "You should have been a journalist."
Sally says "Too much like hard work. So, spill."
Shannon says "No-one actually got attacked. Two guys tried to attack a woman this morning, but her room mate stopped them before anything happened."
Sally says "Woman with a male roomie. Do you know names?"
Shannon says "What makes you think male room mate?"
Sally says "Has to be. No woman would take on a guy mid-attack, let alone two, unless she was a lesbian."
Shannon says "What is with the stereotyping?"
Sally says "People follow patterns. They can't help it, that's the way they're moulded."
Shannon says "What about the people that don't follow your pattern?"
Sally says "Pattern breakers? Frauds, and they always slip into patterns they are moulded to."
Shannon says "Whatever. It was a female room mate and she got pretty bashed up too."
Sally says "How bashed up?"
Shannon says "Couple of broken ribs."
Sally says "So the lesbian's got broke ribs, are you ok?"
Shannon says "I'm fine. Charlie pushed me into the bathroom. How did you know?"
Sally says "Like you said, news travels. I'm coming over."
Shannon says "You don't have to. Stay there, do some work. Charlie'll be back soon."
Sally says "It left you alone?"
Shannon says "Her name is Charlie, and I told her to leave me, She helped you out and you still insult her?" Charlie and Leigh enter. "She's back now so you can get back to whatever it is you do."
Sally says "See you later."
Shannon says "Bye."
Shannon hangs up. Leigh says "Who was that?"
Charlie says "Not your business. Drink?"
Shannon says "Please. It was Sally. She heard about this morning and was digging for information. She did ask if we were ok."
Charlie says "We?"
Shannon says "In her own way."
Charlie says "Nice of her. Coffee?"
Shannon says "Thanks."
Leigh says "I'll make it. Charlie's going to bed."
Charlie says "I am?"
Leigh says "Yes you are. Now."
Charlie says "I'm going."
Leigh says "Damn right you are."
Charlie says "Night or whatever."
Shannon says "Night, Charlie."
Leigh says "I'll be in to check on you in thirty minutes. With a bat."
Charlie says "Yikes."
Charlie goes into her bedroom. Shannon says "Can I ask you something about Charlie?"
Leigh says "What?"
Shannon says "Has Charlie always been so mysterious?"
Leigh says "Mysterious?"
Shannon says "Yeah. She does share too much does she?"
Leigh says "No, she doesn't but she was quieter in high school."
Shannon says "How could she be any quieter? Did she not speak at all?"
Leigh says "Barely. Got called the mute magician."
Shannon says "Really? Why?"
Leigh says "Because she was silent and she would disappear."
Shannon says "Did she always help people?"
Leigh says "You wondering why she helped you?"
Shannon says "Yeah. She said she'd do it for anyone."
Leigh says "But you think she had a motive?"
Shannon says "I don't know."
Leigh says "Charlie has her own mind and I don't know what goes on in it, but she would've helped anyone."
Shannon says "Are you sure?"
Leigh says "Look, I know Charlie and I've seen her stop three guys beating someone who hated her."
Shannon says "Did Charlie like them?"
Leigh says "God, no. She hated him just as much."
Shannon says "But she helped anyway?"
Leigh says "Yeah and I was really proud of her."
Shannon says "Why?"
Leigh says "Her reason."
Shannon says "Which was?"
Leigh says "Sorry. I'm being Charlie, aren't I?"
Shannon says "You're using more words but minimalizing your answers so I have to prompt you for a more detailed one."
Leigh says "Could of just said yes."
Shannon says "Charlie's reason?"
Leigh says "She told me while I was fixing her face. She told me she helped because he was outnumbered and no-one else was going to help."
Shannon says "Did Charlie get a thank you?"
Leigh says "No. He hated her more. Said she made him look like he needed a girl's help, which he did, but Charlie gained a lot of respect that day. Especially from the guys she fought with."
Shannon says "Because she intervened?"
Leigh says "No. She broke the captain of the football team's nose and didn't fall down. She took every punch, every kick and returned every one of them. Ended up with her face the size of a watermelon."
Shannon says "Sporting the Stallone at the end of 'Rocky' look?"
Leigh says "Yeah, but she still had her smile."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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