Chapter 39

Chapter 39

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Louisa and Mickey walking along the corridor to Charlie's apartment. Louisa says "Do you think they'll mind us turning up like this?"
Mickey says "Charlie won't mind. Besides, I told my sister I was coming. Sort of."
Louisa says "You rang before we came here, didn't you?"
Mickey says "Yes. I rang when you told me you'd seen Charlie at hospital."
Louisa says "That was hours ago."
Mickey says "Chill out. Charlie won't mind."
Louisa says "What about Shannon?"
Mickey says "Don't know. Never met her."
Mickey stops, knocks on the door as she opens it and walks in. Louisa follows and closes the door behind her. Leigh, in the kitchen, says "You're supposed to wait to be let in after you knock on someone's door, Squid."
Mickey says "At least I remembered to knock."
Shannon comes out of the bathroom and says "Who are you?"
Mickey says "HI. I'm Milly, Leigh's sister. You must be Shannon."
Leigh says "What are you doing here?"
Mickey says "I brought Lou here."
Louisa says "I'm sorry, I thought she'd called before we got here."
Charlie walks in and says "Don't worry, Mickey likes to make an enterance."
Mickey says "I came to see how you are. Leigh wouldn't tell me."
Leigh says "That's because we didn't know when you rang."
Mickey says "Well, now you do so how are you?"
Charlie says "Bumped and bruised."
Leigh says "More like cracked and broken."
Charlie says "Details."
Mickey says "Anyway, Lou's here to talk to Shannon so you can give me the details."
Charlie says "Hey. How are you?"
Louisa says "Ok. If this is a bad time?"
Charlie says "No. We should leave you two alone."
Louisa's cell phone ring. Louisa answers it and says "Hello? Is he ok? I'm on my way. Yes, I do. I'm with her now. Never mind why. Fine. See you soon." Louisa hangs up. "I, we have to go."
Mickey says "What's wrong?"
Louisa says "My dad. He had a bad turn and wants to talk to us."
Shannon says "Us? Why?"
Louisa says "I don't know but we should go."
Mickey says "Do you want company?"
Louisa says "Would you mind?"
Mickey says "Course not."
Louisa says "Do you want Charlie to come with you, Shannon?"
Shannon says "Charlie, would you?"
Charlie says "Sure."
Leigh says "Let's go."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on June 15, 2016
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Charlie's Girls


Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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