Chapter 41

Chapter 41

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Lucas laying in his bed, Katrina to his right, Louisa next to Katrina, Mickey stood behind Louisa, Shannon near the door, Leigh to Shannon's left and Charlie behind Leigh. Lucas says "I'm sure you're wondering why I've allowed all these people in here."
Katrina says "Yes, I am."
Lucas says "I've changed my will and I'm going to tell you what it now says, and I thought it could do with witnessses."
Katrina says "Don't you think we should have talked about this?"
Lucas says "No. I'd like to start with the house. I leave that to my daughters. Shannon, come here." Shannon goes to the bedside. "I've left you five percent of my business."
Shannon says "You can't do that. You shouldn't."
Lucas says "I can, I should and I have. Do with it as you wish, as long as our baby knows I would have been there."
Shannon says "Lucas, don't."
Lucas says "It's done. Next, my daughters."
Shannon moves back. Louisa says "I'm here, dad."
Lucas says "Where's your sister?"
Louisa says "CJ won't be here."
Lucas says "Why not?"
Louisa says "She's dead."
Lucas says "What? Why did no-one tell me? When did it happen? How did it happen?"
Louisa says "Six years ago. Car accident."
Lucas says "No. She's been here in that last couple of days."
Louisa says "Mom?"
Katrina says "It's true. You're sister is alive."
Louisa says "Then where is she? Where has she been? Why did she leave? Why did you tell me she was dead?"
Lucas says "I don't know."
Katrina says "She didn't want to be where I was."
Charlie mumbles "Liar."
Louisa says "Why?"
Katrina says "She couldn't handle telling me about her problem."
Louisa says "What problem?"
Katrina says "Does it matter? She left so you were safe."
Louisa says "Why wouldn't I be safe?"
Katrina says "Because of her condition."
Charlie says "Tell her the truth."
Leigh says "Charlie?"
Charlie steps forwards and says "Can you do that? Tell the truth?"
Lucas says "Where were you hiding?"
Charlie says "Hi, dad."
Louisa says "CJ?"
Charlie says "Hey, creeper."
Lucas says "What truth, Charlotte?"
Charlie says "The reason I left."
Lucas says "Which was?"
Charlie says "She kicked me out."
Louisa says "What?"
Katrina says "You have a problem."
Charlie says "I don't have a problem, I'm gay."
Katrina says "That's a problem."
Charlie says "For you."
Louisa says "You kicked my sister out for being a lesbian?"
Katrina say "To protect you."
Louisa says "And you're my sister?"
Charlie says "Yes. But you don't believe it, do you?"
Louisa says "Until a few minutes ago, I thought my sister was dead. Now I'm told she was kicked out and you're her. What am I meant to believe?"
Lucas says "Prove it to her, Charlotte."
Katrina says "Is this really the time?"
Lucas says "I think it is, and as you're to blame for this, you should keep out of it. Go on, Charlotte."
Charlie says "Ok. Before I left, we were play fighting, you threw a pillow at me, missed and hit the blue vase we bought your mom for her birthday. It broke. We tried to fix it but we didn't have all the pieces. We put what we could find in a red shoe box with a blue lid and hid that under the board five up and three across from your bedroom door. We went and bought a replacement and we got it back in place seconds before she got home."
Louisa grabs Charlie, hugs her and says "I've missed you."
Charlie says "Missed you."
Lucas says "That's better. My girls, back together. That's what I needed to see before..."
Lucas slumps in the bed. Katrina shakes him and says "Lucas? Lucas?"
Louisa says "Dad?"
Leigh grabs Mickey and says "We should wait outside."
Leigh and Mickey exit as a doctor enters. The doctor checks Lucas and says "I'm sorry."
Doctor leaves. Louisa goes and hugs Katrina. Charlie looks at Shannon. Shannon says "Should have told me."
Charlie says "Couldn't."
Shannon nods and starts to cry. Charlie hugs Shannon.

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on June 15, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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