Chapter 43

Chapter 43

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Louisa and Mickey in Louisa's bedroom. Louisa says "Thank you for staying with me. I didn't want to be on my own."
Mickey says "You will have to talk to her at some point."
Louisa says "Which one? My mother or my sister?"
Mickey says "Well, both, but I meant you're mom. I get why you're angry but you've got to live with her."
Louisa says "Maybe not. I could kick her out. CJ managed by herself. Do you know where she was, I mean, after she left?"
Mickey says "Leigh would know better than me. She knows pretty much everything about Charlie."
Louisa says "When did you meet her?"
Mickey says "Leigh? I've known her all my life."
Louisa says "Not your sister. Mine."
Mickey says "Well, her and Robbie were together about five years."
Louisa says "Who's Robbie?"
Mickey says "My oldest sister, Charlie's ex."
Louisa says "Ok, so you've known CJ for five years?"
Mickey says "Longer. I remember seeing her a few times when Leigh started high school but I really got to know her when she... Oh."
Louisa says "When she what?"
Mickey says "Promise you won't get mad?"
Louisa says "I can't promise that. If what you say upsets me..."
Mickey says "I may get mad and break my promise. Charlie says that."
Louisa says "It was one of dad's sayings. What were you going to tell me?"
Mickey says "Charlie lived with us for a few months about six years ago."
Louisa says "With you as in in your house and you didn't tell me?"
Mickey says "Be fair. How was I to know. You've always told me you didn't have any brothers or sisters."
Louisa says "I know, I'm sorry. I just don't understand why she didn't tell me at the hospital."
Mickey says "You'd have to ask her that. Is that all that's bothering you?"
Louisa says "No. I didn't recognise her."
Mickey says "Come on, you've thought your sister was dead for how long? You can't let it get to you."
Louisa says "Think I can take you up on your offer?"
Mickey says "What offer?"
Louisa says "Borrowing Charlie?"
Mickey says "I think she'd let you keep her." Mickey looks at her watch. "I'd better go."
Louisa says "Can't you stay?"
Mickey says "If you want me to."
Louisa says "Please. I want you to tell me everything you know about Charlie."
Mickey says "I'll share if you do."
Louisa says "I can do better than that. Want to see pictures?"
Mickey says "Yeah."
Louisa goes to her wardrobe, gets a shoebox, sits back down next to Mickey, opens the box, passes a stack of photos to Mickey and says "Mom tried to throw these away. She said we had to get rid of them so dad wouldn't get upset. I guess she was trying to make us forget."
Mickey says "Couldn't happen. Your parents would just have to look at you to see Charlie, and I can't believe I'm only just seeing it."
Louisa says "Dad used to say that."
Mickey says "What's the deal with Charlie and your mother? Is it just the lesbian thing?"
Louisa says "No, they've always argued. CJ would do anything to be out of mom's way."
Mickey says "I heard them at the hospital, your mom's not Charlie's mom is she?"
Louisa says "No and I don't think either of them know who is."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on June 15, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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