Chapter 44

Chapter 44

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie, Leigh and Shannon sat in the apartment. Shannon says "Come on, tell me."
Charlie says "Nothing."
Shannon says "You had to have meant something?"
Charlie says "Why?"
Shannon says "It's not something you just say." Charlie shrugs. "What was I thinking? You can't even tell me something that I'm involved in."
Charlie says "Couldn't."
Shannon says "Why not?"
Charlie says "Didn't know how."
Shannon says "How about 'Hey, Shannon. I know you're pregnant. I know the father because he's my father, oh and by the way, he's dying.' That would of worked."
Charlie says "Don't."
Shannon says "Don't what? Just tell me one bit of truth. How long have you known?"
Charlie says "Found out around three this morning."
Shannon says "This morning? When we were in his room you knew, you both knew and neither of you said anything? You pretended you didn't know each other. Why?"
Charlie says "I don't know."
Shannon says "Really? When you do know then you can talk to me because until then, I don't want to know you."
Shannon storms into her bedroom and slams the door. Charlie drops herself on the couch and holds her head in her hands. Leigh says "You ok?" Charlie nods. "Want me to talk to her?"
Charlie says "And say what?"
Leigh says "More than you." Charlie half smiles. Leigh sits down next to Charlie. "Rough day."
Charlie says "Tell me about it."
Leigh says "You tell me."
Charlie says "I think I need to get away for a while."
Leigh says "Then we'll go."
Charlie says "I meant just me. But I can't."
Leigh says "If it's what you need, do it."
Charlie says "I can't. With everything that's happening, I can't leave."
Leigh says "Why not?"
Charlie says "It'd all be here if I came back."
Leigh says "If you came back?"
Charlie says "What?"
Leigh says "You said if you came back."
Charlie says "Did I?"
Leigh says "Yes. Did you mean it?"
Charlie says "I don't know, but do I have anything to stay for. Maybe a fresh start is what I need."
Leigh says "You have your sister and she needs you right now. So does Shannon."
Charlie says "My sister thought I was dead until an hour ago, she wouldn't care and Shannon hates me."
Leigh says "That's bullshit and you know it. I saw the way your sister looked when she knew who you were and Shannon's just on shock. Then there's Mickey, my parents, everyone you work with, even Roberta would miss you. Charlie, if you left it would be you leaving family all over again. I saw what you went through six years ago and now you have more people that care about you, it would probably kill you to leave."
Charlie says "What about you?"
Leigh says "What about me?"
Charlie says "Would you care if I left?"
Leigh says "Well, I'd have to deal with the fallout first but I guess I'd miss you for a while."
Charlie says "You guess?"
Leigh says "You're not going so we'll never know will we?"
Charlie says "Guess not."
Leigh says "Now that's sorted, you going to get me a drink?"
Charlie says "Yes, boss."
Leigh says "Damn right."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on June 15, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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