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Chapter 46

Chapter 46

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie enters her apartment. As she closes the door, Leigh turns on the light and says "Where have you been?"
Charlie says "Jesus. Did you have to do that?"
Leigh says "No. So, where were you?"
Charlie says "You would miss me then?" Leigh folds her arms and glares. "I went to get my stuff. Want a drink?"
Leigh says "No. Did you talk to her?"
Charlie says "Let me put this away."
Leigh says "In your room?"
Charlie says "Yeah."
Leigh says "You can't. Shannon's in there."
Charlie says "Oh."
Leigh says "Put that away then we're going to talk." Charlie goes to her room, opens the door, throws the backpack in, closes the door and goes back to Leigh. "Well?"
Charlie says "Is she asleep?"
Leigh says "Don't do that."
Charlie says "Do what?"
Leigh says "Change the subject. Sit down and tell me why you're living in your spare room."
Charlie sits down on the couch and says "You sitting?"
Leigh sits next to Charlie and says "Start talking."
Charlie says "She needed a place, I had a spare room, didn't have it ready when she moved in so I told her my room was the spare."
Leigh says "How did you even meet her?"
Charlie says "I answered the door when she knocked."
Leigh says "How did you know she needed a place if you'd never met her?"
Charlie says "A friend told me."
Leigh says "Her friend or yours?"
Charlie says "Hers."
Leigh says "Charlie, you're an idiot. She could have been 'Single White Female'.
Charlie says "But she's not."
Leigh says "But she could have been."
Charlie says "Leigh, I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. Besides, I'm no Bridget Fonda and if Shannon was that kind of crazy, which she's not, she'd more likely be after you. I would just be the gay best friend."
Leigh says "You are my best friend."
Charlie says "And I'm gay so that proves it."
Leigh says "You're gay?"
Charlie says "Sorry, didn't I tell you?"
Leigh says "You don't tell me anything anymore, do you?"
Charlie says "There are some things I can't tell you."
Leigh says "You can tell me anything."
Charlie says "Really?"
Leigh says "Of course."
Charlie says "Well, there is something I've been wanting to tell you for a while."
Leigh says "Tell me."
Charlie says "Your a*s is getting big." Charlie smiles. Leigh slaps Charlie's arm. "Hey, injured person. Seriously, Leigh, you don't have to worry about me."
Leigh says "I don't have to but I do and I mean it when I say you can talk to me about anything."
Charlie says "I know, but there are some things I need to deal with alone."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on June 15, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

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