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Chapter 48

Chapter 48

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie, Leigh, Shannon, Mickey and Louisa sat in Leigh's car. Leigh says "Ok, we're here."
Shannon says "We're late."
A voice says "It's not like he's going anywhere."
Leigh says "Charlie!"
Charlie says "Not me, but she's right."
Mickey says "You two are definitely sisters."
Leigh says "Now is not the time for making with the funnies."
Charlie and Louisa say "Sorry."
Leigh says "Let's get going."
They all exit the car. Charlie leans against the car. Shannon says "What do I tell people?"
Louisa says "What do you mean?"
Shannon says "If they ask why I'm here? Does anyoneother than your mother know about...?" Shannon puts her hands on her stomach.
Louisa says "Oh, no. You're here because he was a good client. Wow, that sounds worst than I thought."
Shannon says "I get it. Here on behalf of the company."
Louisa says "Yes. Sorry."
Mickey says "What about me and Leigh?"
Louisa says "The truth, friends of the family."
Mickey says "But if you thought Charlie was dead, won't other people?"
Louisa says "Apparently only I got to think that. I'm not entirely sure what mom told other people. But she won't have told them she's, you know. We should get in there."
Shannon, Mickey and Louisa start walking towards the graveside. Leigh says "Come on, Charlie."
Charlie says "Be there in a minute."
Louisa says "You guys go ahead. I need to talk to my sister." Shannon, Mickey and Leigh walk away. Louisa walks back to Charlie. "What's the matter with you? Millie said you clam up around people, but my sister didn't. CJ had more guts than this."
Charlie says "No, I didn't. I just never let you see how scared I was."
Louisa says "Then, please, do that now."
Charlie says "I shouldn't be here. I've been away for so long."
Louisa says "Don't you talk s**t to me. You should be here. In fact, you should never have left. You should have stood up to mom."
Charlie says "Have you ever tried?"
Louisa says "I'm not getting through to you, am I? Maybe you'll understand this. I'm sorry."
Charlie says "Sorry for what?" Louisa punches Charlie in the stomach. "Ok, I get the point."
Louisa says "You sure?"
Charlie says "Whatever happened, he was still my dad."
Louisa says "Fair enough, but my point was you should be here because I need my big sister. I've missed you."
Charlie hugs Louisa and says "I've missed you. I do have a question though."
Louisa says "What?"
Charlie says "Where did you learn to punch like that?"
Louisa says "From you. I watched you beat up Murray Michaels."
Charlie says "I was a bad influence."
Louisa says "Maybe but let's not tell mom. Come on, they'll be waiting for us."
Louisa takes Charlie's hand and they walk to Katrina at the graveside. Katrina says "Where the hell have you two been? You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago. If you've been telling my daughter lies, I swear..."
Charlie says "I'm not the one who lies to my sister, but if you make a scene my father won't be buried alone."
Louisa says "That's my CJ."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Jemma Packman

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