Chapter 49

Chapter 49

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

At the Robinson house, at the wake, Katrina is talking to guests. Charlie, Leigh and Shannon are on the opposite side of the room from her. Louisa and Mickey are in the kitchen. Louisa says "Do you think...? Never mind."
Mickey says "No, come on, do I think what?"
Louisa says "Do you think I'll ever be as close to CJ as you are to Charlie?"
Mickey says "Why are you talking like she's two different people?"
Louisa says "To me she is. CJ was the happiest person I knew, so full of life, and Charlie is so withdrawn and moody."
Mickey says "Ever think Charlie is CJ?"
Louisa says "Weren't you listening to what I just said?"
Mickey says "Hear me out. Maybe Charlie is CJ without you. Like Batman without Robin. Maybe Charlie's the way she is because she misses you. Spend more time with her, you'll find CJ."
Louisa says "You're such a cheeseball."
Mickey says "Thanks."
Louisa says "But you could actually be right. How do you do that?"
Mickey says "I watch a lot of movies."
Louisa says "You must have seen some I haven't."
Mickey says "Or you didn't listen to them if the plot was too much like your life?"
Louisa says "I guess. Are you planning on becoming a shrink?"
Mickey says "I think I should, I've got a skill. What do you think?"
Louisa says "I think it's distrubing."
Mickey says "How is me being right disturbing?"
Louisa says "Ok, disturbing could be the wrong word. I got it. Annoying."
Mickey says "Again, how?"
Louisa says "Because I don't know if I should hug you for helping or hit you for being a smart-a*s."
Mickey says "You hit hard, I'm allergic to pain," Mickey holds her arms out, "hug me?"
Louisa says "Right again."
Mickey says "Not on purpose."
Louisa laughs, hugs Mickey and says "Thank you."
Mickey says "No problem."
Katrina walks in and shouts "What the hell is going on here?"
Louisa moves away from Mickey and says "Milly was helping me with something."
Katrina says "With what? You were all over each other."
Louisa says "We were hugging. Remember what that is?"
Katrina says "Don't you speak to me like that. Your father would never of allowed this."
Louisa says "Don't bring dad into this. What is your problem?"
Katrina says "I don't want you to turn out like her."
Louisa says "Like who? Like CJ? Why? What would so bad about that?"
Katrina says "Because it's not right what she is."
Charlie enters the kitchen and says "What's with the shouting?"
Louisa says "Mother was just telling me us being like you was a bad thing, weren't you?"
Katrina says "Listen to her. You come back nto her life and this is the result."
Charlie says "Mickey?"
Mickey says "We hugged."
Louisa says "A hug. Gesture of greeting, affection or thanks."
Katrina says "See what you being around has caused?"
Louisa says "Don't blame CJ. This is your fault."
Katrina says "My fault?"
Mickey says "You did lie to her about Charlie."
Katrina says "This is none of your business."
Charlie says "Mickey, go find Leigh and wait with her for me."
Louisa says "No. Stay."
Mickey says "Charlie'll look after you."
Mickey leaves the kitchen. Katrina says "Well?"
Louisa says "Well what?"
Katrina says "Explain how your attitude is my fault."
Louisa says "You told me my sister was dead. You kept me away from her."
Katrina says "And I'd do it again."
Charlie says "That's enough, both of you."
Katrina says "You can't tell me what to do. Especially in my house. Let me make that clear right now."
Charlie says "Let me make a few things clear to you. This is not your house, your home but not your house. I have barely seen Louisa since the hospital, so don't try blaming me. I've had no influence on her, and is having a screaming match right now what you want to do? At dad's wake? Over a hug? Really?"
Katrina says "She had her arms around another girl. After how you turned out, I'm not taking any chances with me daughter."
Louisa goes to say something but Charlie puts her hand up and says "Giving someone of the same sex a hug doesn't make you gay. Hell, evenkissing them doesn't. This can wait until tomorrow, or at least until everyone leaves, can't it?"
Louisa says "Suppose."
Charlie says "Good. I'm going back out there. You two do as you wish, as long as it doesn't involve argueing."
Charlie walks out of the kitchen, goes directly to the drinks table and pours a vodka and coke. Katrina's brother, Giles, comes over and says "Charlotte, how are you?"
Charlie says "Been better."
Charlie drinks and refills the glass. Giles says "Haven't seen you for such a long time. You moved out?"
Charlie says "Yep."
Charlie drinks and refills. Giles says "Got your own place or do you share with someone?"
Charlie says "As much as I enjoy talking to you, Giles, get to the point."
Giles says "Never were one for small talk, were you?"
Charlie says "No."
Charlie drinks and refills. Giles says "Those girls," Giles points at Leigh and Shannon. "Who are they?"
Charlie says "Why?"
Giles says "Is one of them your girlfriend?"
Charlie says "What?"
Giles says "My sister told me why you fell out. Don't panic, your secret's safe with me. So, is one of them your girlfriend?"
Charlie says "No."
Charlie drinks and refills. Giles says "Shame."
Charlie says "Why?"
Giles says "I know people who would pay good money to watch two women go at it. More for three."
Charlie says "You're sick."
Charlie drinks and refills. Giles says "I'm sick? Listen, sweetheart, what's wrong with you is fixable." Giles puts his hand between Charlie's legs. "All you need is a real man inside you." Charlie drinks. "Eating p***y is a hobby, not a career."
Charlie grabs Giles' crotch and says "If you don't move your hand, eating p***y is all you'll be able to do." Charlie tightens her grip. "But a real man inside you will fix you right up."
Charlie let's go and Giles hurries away. Louisa comes over and says "What did Uncle Giles want?"
Charlie says "A chat."
Charlie refills her drink. Louisa says "He's a creep."
Charlie says "Yes, he is. How you doing now?"
Louisa says "Ok I guess. I don't think mom will be speaking to me for a while."
Charlie says "No great loss. If you're ok, I'm going to get out of here."
Louisa says "You're leaving?"
Charlie says "I'm going to work."
Louisa says "Now?"
Charlie says "I've got to do something to take my mind off all this."
Louisa says "I understand." Louisa hugs Charlie. "Thank you for being with me today."
Charlie says "Didn't really have anywhere else to be."
Louisa says "Can I come see you tomorrow?"
Charlie says "You don't need to ask. Now, let go of me before your mother throws another fit."
Louisa says "I'll see you tomorrow?"
Charlie says "Bye, creeper."
Charlie leaves. Leigh walks over to Louisa and says "Where's Charlie going?"
Louisa says "She said she was going to work."
Leigh says "Work?"
Louisa says "That's what she said." Louisa picks up Charlie's glass and drinks. "Wow! How much vodka?"
Leigh says "Was that Charlie's?"
Louisa says "Yeah and it strong enough to strip paint."
Leigh says "Thank you for letting us be here today and I'm sorry for your loss."
Louisa says "You're leaving too?"
Leigh says "Yes. I'll make sure Mickey calls you. Bye."
Leigh goes to Shannon and Mickey, and they all leave. Louisa says "Do I have some kind of people repellant on me?"

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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