Chapter 50

Chapter 50

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Robbie, in her apartment, on the phone, says "She's a big girl... I don't know... Why don't you let her deal with it?... Might make her feel better... I'm not... I'm not covering for her. She 's not here." There's a knock at the door. "There's someone at the door... I won't know until I open it." Robbie open the door. Charlie is stood there. "Yes. I've got to go... Yeah, ok. Bye."
Robbie hangs up. Charlie says "Can I come in?"
Robbie says "Of course." Charlie staggers in holding a small brown bag. "What's on the bag?" Charlie pulls a bottle of vodka from the bag. "Should you be drinking like that?"
Charlie says "Worked for you."
Charlie sits down. Robbie says "No it didn't. It left me with more problems then I started with."
Charlie says "Like what?"
Robbie sits next to Charlie and says "Everytime I did something stupid I always had to apologise to you the morning after."
Charlie says "That is true. You could be a complete b***h."
Robbie takes the bottle and says "I don't want to see you end up like me. You're better than that."
Charlie grabs the bottle back, stands up, drinks and says "We don't always get what we want. What do you care anyway?"
Robbie stands up and says "Give me the bottle, baby."
Charlie says "What did you say to me?"
Robbie says "I said give me the bottle."
Charlie says "Sure." Charlie drinks the rest of the bottle then passes it to Robbie. "Here."
Robbie takes the empty bottle and says "What is wrong with you?"
Charlie says "I don't know. I go for a walk to think, I have a few drinks."
Robbie says "A few?"
Charlie says "Fine, I'm wasted. But I still ended up here. With you." Charlie falls back on to the couch. Robbie sits next to Charlie. "You broke my heart. You should be the last person I want to be near."
Robbie brushes Charlie's hair off her face and says "Tell me what's going on?"
Charlie says "We're sat on your couch, talking."
Robbie says "Been a while since we've done this."
Charlie says "Yeah, and you're usually the drunk one."
Robbie says "Why did you start drinking?"
Charlie says "I wanted to forget."
Robbie says "Forget what?"
Charlie says "Today. The last few weeks. My life."
Robbie says "Why today?"
Charlie says "Today was too much."
Robbie says "What happened today?"
Charlie says "Woke up, got a shower, nearly had a heart attack, got dressed, buried my father, well I watched, tried to play happy families for a few hours, didn't work, crushed Giles' balls."
Robbie says "Who's?"
Charlie says "Doesn't matter. He won't touch me again."
Robbie says "Touch you? Did he try anything?"
Charlie says "Look at you getting all protective. Kinda hot. Can I have a drink?"
Robbie says "You can have a coffee."
Charlie says "Coffee? Yuck."
Robbie says "How much have you had to drink?"
Charlie says "A lot. A real whole lot."
Robbie says "Why don't you stay here?"
Charlie says "You want me to stay?"
Robbie says "To sleep it off."
Charlie leans towards Robbie and says "I'm not sleepy."
There's a knock at the door. Robbie says "I should get that."
Charlie says "Leave it." There's another knock at the door. "I'll get it."
Robbie says "You stay there."
Robbie goes and answers the door. Leigh is standing outside and says "Where is she?" Robbie turns and points to Charlie. Leigh rushes to Charlie. "Are you ok?"
Charlie says "I'm fine. Why are you here?"
Leigh says "I came to find you. Why are you here?"
Robbie says "Trying to do something stupid."
Leigh says "How stupid?"
Robbie says "Me."
Leigh says "Were you going to?"
Robbie says "I didn't have to answer the door."
Leigh says "You were going to takeadvantage of her?"
Robbie says "She came on to me."
Leigh says "Is nothing your fault?"
Robbie says "Don't start."
Leigh says "Don't start what?"
Robbie says "Look, I thought about it but I couldn't. She asked me not to open the door."
Leigh says "I don't believe you."
Robbie says "You never have."
Charlie says "Why do you two always fight?"
Leigh says "I'm sorry."
Charlie says "No, I should be."
Leigh says "You've got nothing to be sorry for."
Charlie says "I do. Robbie told me."
Leigh says "Told you what?"
Charlie says "Why you hate her. It's my fault."
Leigh says "What is she talking about?"
Robbie says "Leave it, Leigh."
Charlie says "Robbie, you remember don't you?"
Robbie says "Charlie, please, don't."
Leigh says "Go on, Charlie, tell me."
Charlie says "Robbie told me she only asked me out so you couldn't."
Leigh says "What?"
Charlie says "She told me..."
Leigh says "I heard you." Leigh turns to Robbie. "Is it true?"
Robbie says "I said it."
Leigh says "Not what I meant."
Robbie says "I know."
Leigh says "Tell me."
Robbie says "Yes."
Leigh says "B***h."
Charlie says "Leigh, why are you so upset? We kissed before me and Robbie. Spin the bottle, the play, prom."
Leigh says "Prom? You didn't go to prom."
Charlie says "Really? Who was that? Going to have to think this one through." Charlie stands up and walks to the door. "Bye, ladies."
Leigh says "I'm driving you home."
Charlie says "You are? Ok."
Leigh walks to Charlie. Robbie says "Leigh?"
Leigh says "Don't. Just, don't."
Leigh and Charlie leave. Robbie closes the door, goes and sits on the couch and holds her head in her hands.

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Charlie's Girls


Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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