Chapter 51

Chapter 51

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Shannon sat on the couch. Charlie's voice from outside says "I can do it. Let go of my arm."
Leigh says "Let me open the door."
There's a bang on the door. Charlie says "I can do it. It's only a f*****g door." Shannon gets up and opens the door. "See, told you I could do it. Hey, Shannon. What's up?"
Charlie staggers to the couch and falls backwards on to it. Shannon says "How is she?"
Leigh says "Drunk and miserable."
Leigh sits next to Charlie. Charlie says "I'm getting a drink."
Leigh says "No. You're sitting there. If you want a drink, I'll get it."
Charlie says "Really?"
Leigh says "Yeah. Coffee or juice?"
Charlie says "Don't want one."
Shannon says "Do you want anything to eat?"
Charlie says "Nope."
Leigh says "Shannon, can you leave us?"
Shannon says "Sure."
Charlie says "Night, Shannon."
Shannon says "Night."
Shannon goes to her room. Leigh says "It's four thirty in the afternoon, she's not going to bed."
Charlie says "But she said night?"
Leigh says "She was being polite."
Charlie says "Oh."
Leigh says "Charlie, I need to ask you something."
Charlie says "What?"
Leigh says "When did Robbie tell you about why she asked you out?"
Charlie says "Last year, when she pushed me down the stairs."
Leigh says "When she what?"
Charlie says "She was drunk, we argued, I went to leave, she pushed, I fell."
Leigh says "She could have killed you."
Charlie says "It was an accident. I'm still here, making you worry."
Leigh says "Why didn't you tell me?"
Charlie says "You'd have fought about it. I hate it when you fight. Ever since me, you always fight. Why?"
Leigh says "Remember that talk you and Mickey had?" Charlie nods. "I had the same talk with Robbie. A week later, you were together."
Charlie says "What she told me was true?"
Leigh says "Yeah."
Charlie says "Then why stay with me for five years?"
Leigh says "I don't know."
Charlie says "I'm going to ask her." Charlie tries to stand up but falls back down. "Tomorrow. I'll ask tomorrow."
Leigh says "How about, for now, you have a nap?" Leigh stands up as Charlie lays down. "Charlie, let's get your jacket off."
Leigh helps Charlie remove her jacket then covers her with it. Charlie says "Why do you look after me?"
Leigh says "Someone has to. Go to sleep."
Charlie says "Yes, boss."
Charlie closes her eyes. Leigh pushes Charlie's hair off her face, kisses her forehead and goes and knocks on Shannon's door. Shannon opens it and says "How's she doing?"
Leigh says "Sleeping. Would you mind sitting with her while I go out?"
Shannon says "No problem. Never though about how all this affected her. She never sais anything."
Leigh says "She's a strong woman, but even the strongest have a breaking point. I shouldn't be too long."
Leigh walks towards the door. Shannon follows and says "What should I do if she wakes up?"
Leigh says "Talk to her."
Leigh leaves. Shannnon looks at Charlie and says "Talk to you? That's easy."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on June 15, 2016
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Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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