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Chapter 52

Chapter 52

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Leigh sitting in a cafe. Kimber approaches and says "Before we start, is this business or personal?"
Leigh says "Personal."
Kimber says "Good, then the b***h can stay in the box. How are you, Leigh?"
Leigh hugs Kimber and says "Hi, Kimber. Thanks for meeting me."
Kimber sits down and says "What's the problem?"
Leigh sits down and says "Do you remember prom?"
Kimber says "Why?"
Leigh says "Charlie said something earlier and it got me thinking."
Kimber says "She did? I must get her a gift."
Leigh says "Doesn't matter how many times you say that, doesn't stop being funny."
Kimber says "What did she say?"
Leigh says "Do you want a coffee?"
Kimber says "Not a hard question." Leigh rolls her eyes. "No, thanks."
Leigh says "Charlie said she and I kissed at prom but I don't remember her being at prom."
Kimber says "Charlie told you about prom?"
Leigh says "All she said was we kissed."
Kimber says "Why were you talking about prom?"
Leigh says "It was her dad's funeral today. She got drunk and told me and my sister something we should have talked about."
Kimber says "How did prom come up?"
Leigh says "Charlie listed the times we've kissed."
Kimber says "And prom was one of the times?"
Leigh says "Yes. What do you know?"
Kimber says "She was there but it wasn't you she kissed."
Leigh says "Kimber, will you tell me what you know?"
Kimber says "I shouldn't."
Leigh says "You should."
Kimber says "If Charlie's in a talking mood why don't you ask her?"
Leigh says "Because I'm asking you. Who did Charlie kiss? And why don't I remember her being there?"
Kimber says "Maybe we should get a drink?"
Leigh says "If I wanted a subject change I'd talk to Charlie."
Kimber says "I still think you should do that."
Leigh says "Kimber, please?"
Kimber says "It was me."
Leigh says "What?"
Kimber says "The person Charlie kissed, it was me."
Leigh says "I don't understand. How could you have kissed if she wasn't there?"
Kimber says "It's complicated. I'll get us a drink then I'll explain."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on June 15, 2016
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