Chapter 53

Chapter 53

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

In the high school, Charlie sat on the sinks in the bathroom. Kimber rummaging through a bag and says "Blonde, brown or black?" Charlie shrugs. "This was your idea so be helpful."
Charlie says "You choose."
Kimber says "Fine. Blonde." Kimber pulls a blonde short-haired wig out of the bag and puts it on Charlie's head pushing any visible hair underneath. "You know, if this is going to work, you'll have to say more than two words to me."
Charlie says "Working on it."
Kimber says "Better. Three words." Kimber moves a few more strands of hair. "Done."
Charlie says "Thanks. I should."
Charlie points to the bag. Kimber passes Charlie the bag and says "Be quick."
Charlie takes the bag, gets down, goes towards a cubicle and says "What about you?"
Kimber says "Just make-up. Go, get ready." Kimber get some make-up from her purse and applies it. "How you doing in there?"
Charlie comes out of the cubicle wearing a tux and says "I look stupid."
Kimber says "No, you don't. Come here."
Charlie walks to Kimber and says "What?"
Kimber says "Your collar's twisted. Here." Kimber straightens Charlie's collar. "You look great."
Charlie says "You too." Charlie wipes Kimber's cheek. "Eyelash."
Kimber says "Let me do my hair and we're ready to go."
Charlie says "Why? Already looks amazing."
Kimber says "Four words, let's go."
Charlie opens the bathroom door and says "After you."
Kimber says "Aren't you forgetting something?"
Charlie looks at Kimber, confused. Kimber holds up a pair of shoes. Charlie says "Hell no. Not a chance."
Kimber says "Worth a shot." Kimber and Charlie leave the bathroom and start walking down the corridor. "Hey, that was five words." Kimber kisses Charlie on the cheek. "Well done."
Charlie says "What do you do if I manage a complete sentence?"
Kimber smiles and says "Ten words, that qualifies." Kimber kisses Charlie on the lips. "We're going to be late."
Charlie says "Why'd you do that?"
Kimber says "You're supposed to be my date, you'll have to do that in front of people without that suprised look on your face."
Charlie says "Sorry."
Kimber says "You've done it before. The play?"
Charlie says "Different."
Kimber says "How?"
Charlie says "Just was. Shall we?"
Kimber says "Yes." They walk further down the corridor. Charlie stops. "Something wrong?"
Charlie says "The bag. My locker?"
Kimber says "Good idea." They put the bag in Charlie's locker and walk down to the hall where the music is playing. "You ready?" Charlie nods. "Think of this as a play. Come one."
Kimber holds Charlie's hand and they walk in. Charlie looks around and says "Wow."
Kimber follows Charlie's eyeline, sees Leigh sat alone and says "Let's go introduce you." Kimber leads Charlie over to Leigh. "Hey. You look..."
Charlie says "Wow."
Kimer says "Leigh, this is my date."
Charlie deepens her voice and says "Chad Mitchell. Nice to meet you."
Leigh says "You too."
Kimber says "Where is she?"
Leigh says "Who?"
Kimber says "The mute magician?"
Leigh says "I don't know. She wasn't home when I left."
Charlie says "Where's your date?"
Leigh says "Isaac? He went off with his buddies as soon as we got here."
Kimber says "When was that?"
Leigh says "About twenty minutes ago."
Charlie says "A*****e."
Kimber sits next to Leigh and says "Chad, can you get us a drink?"
Charlie says "Sure."
Charlie goes to the drinks table. Kimber says "What do you think?"
Leigh says "He's cute. Looks slightly familiar though. Where did you meet?"
Charlie returns with the drinks and places them on the table. Kimber says "I love this song. Are you ok if we dance?"
Leigh says "Course."
Kimber says "Great." Kimber grabs Charlie's hand and pulls her to the dancefloor. Kimber puts Charlie's hands on her waist and then her arms around Charlie's neck. "Chad Mitchell? How did you come up with that?"
Charlie says "He's the linebacker from West you had a crush on."
Kimber says "He was cute, and those tight pants. You remembered that? That was months ago."
Charlie says "He's bleaches his hair, and Isaac beat him up after the last game. Wanted to see his face."
Kimber says "You little schemer. You had all this planned, didn't you?"
Charlie says "Sort of."
Kimber kisses Charlie and says "Two sentences. I'm impressed."
Charlie says "Thank you."
The evening continues. Charlie and Kimber are still dancing. Leigh remains sat alone, occassionly a few people stop in passing to says hello. Charlie and Kimber go and sit with Leigh. Kimber says "Dancing has made me thirsty."
Charlie says "I'll get you a drink."
Kimber says "Would you?"
Charlie kisses Kimber's cheek and says "For you? Sure. Leigh, can I get you one?"
Leigh says "No, thank you."
Charlie walks away. Kimber says "Has he been back?"
Leigh says "He's just gone."
Kimber says "Isaac?"
Leigh says "Not once. I don't even know where he is."
Kimber says "If he's snuck off with one of those leaping drones."
Leigh says "Thank you, Kimber, putting that thought in my head."
Charlie returns with Kimber's drink, puts it on the table and says "There you go."
Kimber says "Thanks." Kimber stands up. "Excuse me. I need to powder my nose." Kimber pretends to kiss Charlie on the cheek and whispers "Ask her to dance."
Kimber walks away. Charlie sits next to Leigh. Leigh says "How long have you known Kimber?"
Charlie says "Not long."
Leigh says "She's kept you pretty quiet. I mean, she hasn't mentioned you before. That's unusual for her."
Charlie says "Do you want to dance?"
Leigh says "What?"
Charlie says "Dance? It's your senior prom and as far as I've noticed, you haven't moved from that spot all night."
Leigh says "You've noticed me?"
Charlie says "Hard not to."
Leigh says "What about Kimber? And Isaac?"
Charlie says "Kimber doesn't seem like the kind of girl to refuse her friend a dance, and Isaac, what about him? If he hasn't bothered with you, why should you be bothered about him?"
Leigh nods. Charlie stands up and offers a hand to Leigh. Leigh takes it, they walk to the dancefloor and they dance together. Kimber stands and watches them from the drinks table. Isaac storms over Charlie and Leigh, grabs Charlie's arm, pulls her away from Leigh and says "What do you think you're doing with my date?"
Charlie says "Dancing."
Isaac says "No-one dances with my date but me."
Charlie says "No-one has been dancing with Leigh, including you."
Isaac says "Are you trying to be smart?"
Charlie says "I'm not trying."
Leigh says "Chad, please, don't."
Isaac says "Chad? Chad Mitchell? Thought you looked like I knew you. I guess you didn't get the message about staying away from the girls in this school last time?"
Charlie says "I got it. It was written in crayon."
Isaac punches Charlie in the stomach. Kimber comes over and says "What's going on? Chad?"
Charlie says "I was dancing with your friend and this prick suddenly gets possessive."
Kimber says "Are you sure that's all you were doing?"
Kimber runs off. Charlie says "What? Kimber wait."
Charlie runs after Kimber. Isaac puts his arm around Leigh's shoulders and says "We're dancing."
Leigh pushes Isaac away and says "Go dance with a cheerleader."
Isaac says "What's your problem?"
Leigh says "My problem? You ditched me as soon as we got here and when someone took pity on me, you hit him."
Leigh starts to walk away. Isaac grabs Leigh's arm and says "Where do you think you're going?"
Leigh says "To find Kimber."
Isaac says "You sure you're not going to find Mitchell? You two looked kind of close. Do you know him?"
Leigh says "I met him tonight and he's Kimber's date."
Isaac says "So you're just easy?"
Leigh kicks Isaac in the balls and says "How easy was that?"
Leigh walks away.

Charlie and Kimber are by the lockers. Charlie says "You ok? You look real upset."
Kimber says "I have to tell you something. I was jealous when I saw you with Leigh. Not because I think of either of you that way, it's the way you look at each other. The connection you have. I wish I had that."
Charlie says "I don't understand. She didn't even know I was me."
Kimber says "It was still there. Why you don't tell her how you feel is beyond me."
Charlie says "I can't."
Kimber says "For a genius, you are such a dumbass. You love her, she loves you. It's not rocket science."
Charlie says "What?"
Kimber says "She loves you and you have to kiss me."
Charlie says "What was that last part?"
Kimber pulls Charlie to her and kisses her. Leigh runs towards them and says "Kimber, I wanted to explain but obviously I don't have to."
Kimber and Charlie stop kissing. Kimber says "No, I think we covered everything."
Leigh says "So I see."
Kimber says "Come on, let's get back."
Leigh says "No, I'm going home."
Kimber says "Ok, I'll take you."
Leigh says "I'll ring Charlie, see if she'll meet me."
Charlie looks at Kimber as Leigh looks in her purse for her phone and says "Where's the bathroom?"
Kimber says "Just down the hall."
Charlie walks quickly to the bathroom. Leigh says "Damn phone. Where is it?"
Kimber says "Want to use mine?"
Leigh pulls her phone out and says "Got it." Leigh dials Charlie's number and puts the phone to her ear. "Come on, Charlie, pick up."
Kimber says "Are you ok?"
Leigh says "Yeah. Charlie? Hi, it's me... Can you meet me at school?... I'm ok. Feel a bit sick. Kimber's here... No, I'm not on my own... Charlie, I'm ok. Where are you? Sounds echoy... I'll see you soon. Bye."
Kimber says "She coming?"
Leigh says "Yes. She said she'd be here soon."
Charlie walks down the corridor with her phone to her ear and says "Ok. I'll be home soon. Bye."
Kimber says "Everything ok?"
Charlie says "I'm sorry, I've got to go. My mom's been called into work and there's no-one to look after my brother."
Kimber says "Is he sick?"
Charlie says "He's five."
Kimber says "Oh, I get it. You'd better go. But this better not be an excuse to get away from me?"
Charlie says "If I could stay, I would."
Kimber kisses Charlie and says "If I could, I'd make you."
Charlie says "I'll call you tomorrow."
Charlie rushes off. Leigh says "You like him?"
Kimber says "More than I thought. Let's hope he calls."
Leigh says "He will. Listen, I'm going to wait outside for Charlie."
Kimber says "Why don't you come back in and wait?"
Leigh says "I don't want to be near Isaac."
Kimber says "Then I'll wait with you."
Leigh says "No, you go enjoy the rest of your night. I need the time."
Kimber says "Promise you'll let me know if you need anything and when Charlie gets here and when you get home?"
Leigh says "I will." Leigh hugs Kimber. "See you tomorrow? If you're not busy with Chad."
Kimber says "I'll see you tomorrow."
Leigh leaves the school. Charlie taps Kimber on the shoulder and says "How is she?"
Kimber jumps and says "She's putting on a brave face."
Kimber hits Charlie's arm. Charlie says "Ow. What was that for?"
Kimber says "Making me jump. What are you still doing here?"
Charlie says "Need to change."
Kimber says "S**t, yeah. Quickly, grab your stuff." Charlie runs to her locker, grabs the bags and runs back to Kimber. Bathroom. Unless you want to change here?"
Charlie and Kimber go into the bathroom. As Charlie takes off the tux, Kimber passes Charlie her clothes. Charlie puts them on and says "Thank you for doing this."
Kimber says "You do know you owe me big time for it?"
Charlie says "I know."
Kimber says "How are you going to get outside without Leigh seeing you? Come to think of it, how did you get back in?"
Charlie says "Window. I've got to go."
Charlie goes towards the window. Kimber says "Wait." Charlie turns around. Kimber walks over to Charlie and takes the wig off her head. "Forgot this. She thought you were cute, and if I'm honest, so did I. Nearly forgot you were you." Kimber kisses Charlie. "Goodbye, Chad. Charlie, go take Leigh home."
Charlie nods and climbs out the window.

Leigh is sat on a wall outside the school, her phone rings, she answers it and says "Hello?... Charlie, where are you?... I'm at our meeting spot." Leigh turns her head to the left. "I see you. Bye."
Charlie runs to Leigh and says "Hey, what happened?"
Leigh hugs Charlie and says "Isaac's a dick."
Charlie says "I know."
Leigh says "You've never liked him."
Charlie says "No. What did he do?"
Leigh says "Can we go home?"
Charlie says "Sure. Did you have a good time, other than Isaac?"
Leigh says "Wished you were there all night."
Charlie steps back and says "I'm here now. Want to go back in?"
Leigh says "You can't. Let's go."
Charlie says "Are you cold?"
Leigh says "A bit." Charlie takes off her jacket and puts it round Leigh's shoulders. "Thank you. You haven't told me how I look."
Charlie says "You look magic."
Leigh says "Best compliment of the night."
They start walking. Charlie says "You going to tell me what happened tonight?"
Leigh says "I will if you tell me why you're wearing lipstick?"
Charlie wipes her mouth with her hand and says "I'm not."
Leigh says "Busted. You were with a girl. Why didn't you tell me?"
Charlie says "Just a friend."
Leigh says "A friend who share's lipstick?"
Charlie says "It was a favour. Can you drop it?"
Leigh says "Sorry. Will you see her again?"
Charlie says "Leigh."
Leigh says "I'll stop after this last question. Why did you leave her to come to me?"
Charlie says "You asked me to meet you."
Leigh says "That simple?"
Charlie says "Not rocket science."
Leigh says "So what was the favour?"
Charlie says "You said you'd stop."
Leigh says "But I'm curious."
Charlie says "Curiousity killed the cat."
Leigh says "I'm not a cat. Tell me?"
Charlie says "No."
Leigh says "Tell me."
Charlie says "No."
Leigh says "Please tell me?"
Charlie says "Are you going to keep this up all the way home?"
Leigh says "Yes. Tell me."
Charlie shakes her head and they continue to walk away.

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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