Chapter 54

Chapter 54

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Shannon watching TV. Charlie asleep on the couch. Shannon pulls the blanket over Charlie's shoulders. Charlie starts to wake up and says "Leigh?"
Shannon says "No, it's me. I didn't mean to wake you."
Charlie looks around and says "Shannon?"
Shannon says "Yeah?"
Charlie says "Where are we and was Leigh here?"
Shannon says "We're home, you're on the couch. Leigh was here but left." Charlie sits up. "Are you ok?"
Charlie says "My head is killing."
Shannon says "I'm not suprised."
Charlie says "Why?"
Shannon says "Charlie, what do you remember from today?"
Charlie says "I'm not sure. Everything's fuzzy."
Shannon says "Tell me the last thing you remember."
Charlie says "Waking up just now."
Shannon says "Really?"
Charlie says "I know there was something I had to do today."
Shannon says "Your father's funeral was today."
Charlie says "Did I miss it?"
Shannon says "No. We went."
Charlie says "We went?"
Shannon says "Me, you, your sister, Leigh and her sister."
Charlie says "Robbie went with us?"
Shannon says "No not your ex. Younger sister."
Charlie says "Mickey. That makes sense. Why would I think Robbie? When did we get home?"
Shannon says "You got home about three hours ago. Leigh dropped me off before she went back out to look for you."
Charlie says "What do you mean? What happened?"
Shannon says "I don't know exactly. All I know is there was some sort of arguement between you, your sister and your mom."
Charlie says "She's not my mom. What arguement?"
Shannon says "I don't know but when you came out of the kitchen you were talking to some guy then you bolted. Leigh told me you'd been drinking and she was worried. She brought me home and went out to look for you."
Charlie says "I've been drinking?"
Shannon says "Yes. You were that watsed when Leigh brought you back, you swore at the door because you couldn't open it."
Charlie says "Where did Leigh bring me back from?"
Shannon says "I don't know but you were really upset."
Charlie says "Where's Leigh now?"
Shannon says "She went out a couple of hours ago. She said she'd be back."
Charlie starts to stand up and says I'm going to find her."
Shannon says "Charlie, don't."
Charlie falls back down and says "Help me up?"
Shannon says "I won't help you up so you can leave. Leigh asked me to keep an eye on you and she said she'd be back."
Charlie says "She'd be pissed if I wasn't here."
Shannon says "Charlie, please don't leave me on my own."
Charlie says "I won't."
Shannon sits next to Charlie and says "I'm sorry."
Charlie says "Don't be. There's a whole messed up family situation that my dad got you caught up in. Can't imagine how weird this is for you and you don't need the stress."
Shannon says "Can I ask you something?" Charlie nods. "How freaked were you when you found out?"
Charlie says "About you and dad? Probably less than you were when you found out who I was but I could see why he would go for you."
Shannon says "Really?"
Charlie says "Sure. You're beautiful."
Shannon says "Alcohol impairs vision, you know."
Charlie says "Maybe but you are beautiful. You're not just tits and a*s."
Shannon says "Urm, thanks."
Charlie says "Look, I can't tell you why he liked you. I didn't know him that well. But you are an amazing person. You're looking after me even though you think I hate you."
Shannon says "How'd you...? Never mind."
Charlie says "If someone didn't talk to me, I'd think they hated me. I don't, by the way."
Shannon says "Why don't you talk to me?"
Charlie says "It's not just you, I do it a lot. I get nervous, I don't trust, I don't want people to get close, I'm a b***h. You knows?"
Shannon says "You're not a b***h."
Charlie says "Well, we're one step closer to the answer now. Woohoo." Shannon laughs. "You have a nice laugh."
Charlie yawns. Shannon says "We should get you to bed."
Charlie says "Hang on."
Shannon says "So you can sleep and I can watch TV with the sound on."
Shannon stands up. Charlie says "I didn't think you meant. Not really."
Shannon helps Charlie up and says "Never said you did."
Shannon and Charlie walk towards Shannon's bedroom. Charlie says "Why are we going to your room?"
Shannon says "Because I've seen the state of your room and if I put you in there like this, I'll be ringing an ambulance within the hour."
Charlie says "Not what my head was thinking."
They enter Shannon's room. Charlie sits on the bed. Shannon says "Get some sleep."
Charlie says "I meant it."
Shannon says "Meant what?"
Charlie says "What I said about you being more than tits and a*s. Not that you don't have nice tits and a*s."
Shannon says "Charlie, have you been checking me out?"
Charlie says "Little bit. I just wanted you to know. It's not a come on."
Shannon says "Thank you." They hear the front door close. Charlie tries to stand up but Shannon stops her. "Where do you think you're going?"
Charlie says "To see who's there."
Shannon says "I'll go. It's probably Leigh."
Charlie says "You're right, it is."
Shannon says "How do you know?"
Charlie says "She's stood right there."
Shannon turns around, sees Leigh in the doorway and says "Hey. You ok?"
Leigh says "Sorry I was so long."
Shannon says "No problem. I'll be out there if you need anything."
Shannon leaves the bedroom. Charlie says "That's not a happy face. Where've you been?"
Leigh closes the door and says "I met Kimber and she told me about prom."
Charlie says "Prom? Oh. Why?"
Leigh says "I begged her to. At Robbie's, you told me we kissed at prom so I talked to the only other person I talked to at prom."
Charlie says "When were we at Robbie's?"
Leigh says "Doesn't matter. Tell me about prom."
Charlie says "What can I tell you that Kimber hasn't?"
Leigh says "Why you did it and why you lied to me?"
Charlie says "I wasn't allowed to prom. I asked Kimber to help me. I wanted to make sure you were ok, especially knowing who your date was. I thought you'd know it was me and when you didn't, I paniced."
Leigh says "You had it all planned. You even set Kimber up with Chad. They're still together but I'm sure you remember that."
Charlie says "Leigh, please."
Leigh says "Please what?"
Charlie says "I was a kid. I thought I..."
Leigh says "Thought you were what?"
Charlie says "I thought I was in love with you. I thought you felt the same about me, that's why I thought you'd know it was me. I had this stupid notion that when two people are in love, they would see through any disguise the other had on by the small things, a smile, the way they walk, anything, so when you didn't, I paniced. I didn't want you to know incase you freaked out and I'd lose my best friend."
Leigh says "How did you end up with my sister?"
Charlie says "Robbie asked me to meet her in the park after graduation. She told me she'd seen the way I'd been looking at you and her. She asked me if I loved you, I told her I did. She asked me if I was sure then kissed me. She asked me if I was sure it was you and not her and kissed me again. I was confused. I spent the next few months keeping my distance from you both."
Leigh says "How did you end up with my sister?"
Charlie says "Robbie came to our dorm room to pick me up to have dinner with your family and she said we needed to talk. She told me she knew I'd been avoiding you both and asked why. I told her and she said she was sorry she made me feel that way but I was hurting her by staying away and it made her realise she had feelings for me and she needed to know if I felt the same way. I told her I had feelings for her but I wasn't sure what they were. She said we could work it out together. She kissed me, I kissed her back and we had sex. I wanted to tell you as soon as I saw you but Robbie said we should see how things went. I saw her everyday. I told you that we were together because I didn't want you to find out from someone else."
Leigh says "Robbie, you b***h."
Charlie says "You can't blame her for it."
Leigh says "I can. Charlie, what she told you to get you into bed is what I told her I felt."
Charlie says "Didn't exactly make it to bed. Wait, what?"
Leigh says "When I spoke to Robbie about you, that's what I told her."
Charlie says "When did you do that?"
Leigh says "Mom and dad's anniversary and she went directly to you. She didn't give me chance."
Charlie says "Robbie told me once that she only went out with me so you couldn't but she was drunk."
Leigh says "It's true. She told us earlier when we were at her apartment."
Charlie says "When were we there?"
Leigh says "That's where I found you after you bolted from the wake."
Charlie says "Oh jesus."
Leigh says "Charlie, what do you think would have happened if I'd told you how I felt?"
Charlie says "I don't know and it's not like we can change it now."
Leigh says "Why not?"
Charlie says "Unless you're hiding a time machine from me, how can we?"
Leigh says "We start over now."
Charlie says "I don't understand."
Leigh puts her hand on Charlie's cheek and says "Charlie, I've loved you since I met you. I just didn't realise until it was too late. I know you love me, so can we start over?"
Leigh leans forward to kiss Charlie. Charlie pulls away and says "Please don't."
Leigh says "Why not? Don't you want me to?"
Charlie says "Yes. No. I don't know. My head is fried and I don't think being drunk is helpful."
Leigh says "It's helped you talk. You didn't try to change the subject and when I came in you were talking to Shannon."
Charlie says "I was flirting with Shannon, Leigh, I'm a horny drunk."
Leigh says "It's ok."
Charlie says "No it's not. I can't do that to you. Not to you."
Charlie stands up and goes towards the door. Leigh says "Where are you going?"
Charlie says "I need to think and I can't be around you to do that."
Charlie opens the bedroom door and walks away. Leigh follows and says "Charlie, wait. Talk to me." Charlie shakes her head and walks out of the apartment. "Do whatever you need to."
Leigh goes to the living room and sits in the chair. Shannon says "Where's she rushed off to?"
Leigh says "I don't know."
Shannon says "Should we be going after her?"
Leigh says "Not this time."
Shannon says "Leigh, are you ok?"
Leigh says "Was Charlie hitting on you while I was out?"
Shannon says "Hitting on me? No. Flirting, yes but definitely not hitting on me. Is everything ok?"
Leigh says "I wish I knew."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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