Chapter 56

Chapter 56

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Shannon working at her desk. Sally knocks on the door and says "Hey, can I talk to you?"
Shannon says "Sure. I could do with the distraction."
Sally comes in, sits down and says "I heard about yesterday. How are you doing?"
Shannon says "I've been better. How much do you know?"
Sally says "Only that you went to the funeral of that guy you were seeing. Why is there more?" Shannon looks at Sally. "I'm not after gossip."
Shannon says "That is a shame. I've got some great stuff."
Sally says "Really? What? Not that I care."
Shannon says "Course not."
Sally says "Are you going to tell me?"
Shannon says "Thought you didn't care?"
Sally says "Oh come on. If you tell me, I'll..."
Shannon says "You'll what?"
Sally says "God, I'll apologise to Charlie. Properly this time. I'll go home with you after work and do it then."
Shannon says "You are desparate. Anyway, you can't."
Sally says "Why not?"
Shannon says "That's all part of the gossip."
Sally says "Shannon."
Shannon says "This goes not further." Sally crosses her heart. "The guy I was seeing was married. he had two kids, both daughters. He'd told me about one, she's seventeen in a couple of months. Nice kid."
Sally says "You've met her?"
Shannon says "Yeah. We've spoken a few times."
Sally says "What about the other daughter?"
Shannon says "It's Charlie."
Sally says "What? When did you find that out?"
Shannon says "Just before Lucas died. Literally."
Sally says "Holy s**t. Why were you there when he died?"
Shannon says "I'm having his baby. He wanted to tell me everything would be ok."
Sally says "You're pregnant? Kept that quiet, didn't you?"
Shannon says "I do like my privacy."
Sally says "So why can't I apologise to Charlie?"
Shannon says "Charlie started drinking at the wake yesterday then disappeared. Her friend Leigh found her and brought her home. Charlie was so watsed, we had a conversation."
Sally says "Did she hit on you?"
Shannon says "No. She flirted. She had a fight with Leigh and left."
Sally says "And she's not come back?"
Shannon says "No. She left me a note saying she had to clear her head."
Sally says "Ok, I admit it. I was wrong. That woman is a suprise package."
Shannon says "Oh, there's one more thing."
Sally says "What?"
Shannon says "This company is owned by Leigh and Charlie."
Sally says "No way."
Shannon says "Leigh told me this morning. Her sister did but Leigh confirmed it"
Sally says "Seriously, there is no way Charlie os one of the owners."
Shannnon says "Why?"
Sally says "The owners of this company are Beverleigh Graham and Charlotte Robinson. They set it up while they were at college."
Shannon says "So? That's Charlie's name, Charlotte Robinson. Her and Leigh have been friends since high school."
Sally says "But Charlotte Robinson is only twenty years old, and how old is Charlie?"
Shannon says "I don't know. She can't be that young, can she?"
Sally says "If she is, she hasn't aged well."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on July 2, 2016
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Charlie's Girls


Jemma Packman
Jemma Packman

Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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