Chapter 61

Chapter 61

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

The next night. Leigh, Robbie, Yvette, Shannon, Mickey, Louisa and Leigh's parents, Winnie and Lennon, sat in the lounge of the Graham's house. Winnie says "Michaela, why don't you open your gifts, honey?"
Mickey says "I will when Charlie gets here."
Lennon says "Stop being silly, young lady. It's getting late, now, open your presents."
Mickey says "It's not that late."
Robbie says "It's 11:45pm."
Mickey says "Then she'll be here within fifteen minutes."
Robbie says "So why don't you start now?"
Leigh says "What's your rush? Your friend got an early start tomorrow?"
Robbie says "Anyone want a drink?" Everyone answers. Robbie stands up. "Leigh, give me a hand?"
Leigh says "Why? You forgotten how to make drinks?"
Robbie says "No. I can't carry them all by myself, can I?"
Leigh says "Use a tray."
Winnie says "Beverleigh, stop being difficult and help your sister."
Leigh says "Fine."
Leigh and Robbie go to the kitchen. Robbie starts preparing everything to make the drinks and says "What is your problem?"
Leigh says "Excuse me?"
Robbie says "You've been bitching at Yvette since we got here."
Leigh says "I've hardly spoken to her."
Robbie says "You haven't been exactly pleasant when you have."
Leigh says "I haven't sais anything rude, have I?"
Robbie says "No and please don't. I want you to like her. I need you to like her."
Leigh says "Need me to like her? Why? It's not like you're going to ask her to marry you."
Robbie says "I was thinking about it."
Leigh says "What?"
Robbie says "Keep it down."
Leigh says "You're kidding, right?"
Robbie says "No. I guess you don't approve?"
Leigh says "No I don't. What would Charlie think?"
Robbie says "Charlie will be fine about it. Besides, I'm going to talk to her if she turns up. How many sugars does Shannon take?"
Leigh says "Two. Do you think she's going to turn up?"
Robbie says "It'll crush Squid if she doesn't. Take these." Robbie hands Leigh two drinks. "That's your's and Shannon's."
Leigh says "Which one's which?"
Robbie says "Does it matter? They're both the same."
Leigh says "I only take one sugar."
Robbie says "Since when?"
Leigh says "Since always." The doorbell ring. "Could that be her?"
Robbie says "Why would Charlie ring the bell?" Leigh puts the drinks down as her and Robbie go towards the front door. Mickey is stood by the door. "Open it then."
Mickey opens the door as the bell rings again. A guy in mechanics overalls is standing there holding a clipboard. The guy says "Hi. Sorry to bother you this late. I've got a delivery for a Mickey Graham."
Mickey says "That's me."
The guy says "Ok, if you could sign here and here, initial here and print your name here, and I'll be on my way." Mickey signs the board. "Thank you, miss. These are yours." The guy hands Mickey a set of keys. "The car's in front of the gate. Good night."
Robbie says "Car?"
They guy says "Yes, ma'am. It looks very nice, bit old for my taste."
Mickey says "Excuse me." Mickey pushe's by the guy and rushes to the car. Everyone follows. "She did it. She said She would."
Louisa says "Is this what the promise was?"
Mickey says "Yeah. I thought she'd be here with it though."
Robbie says "Where's your tow truck?"
The guy says "Tow truck's out of action. I had to push it. Let me tell you, you don't know how steep a hill is until you try pushing a car up it. Downhill was fun."
Lennon says "Why not drive it, son?"
The guy says "I was under strict instructions that the car was not to be driven and it had to be here today."
Lennon says "What garage do you work for, son?"
Mickey says "Hey, where's the stereo?"
Louisa says "Millie, where's the steering wheel?"
The guy starts to chuckle. Robbie says "Want to share the joke?"
They guy says "Sorry, ma'am. The young lady that wanted the car delivering said the young lady the car was being delivered to would notice the stereo was missing before the steering wheel."
Mickey says "So where is it?"
Lennon says "Yes, where is the steering wheel?"
Mickwy says "That too."
The guy says "I don't know. That's how the car came."
Robbie says "How did you get the car to turn without the wheel?" Leigh starts giggling. "What's the matter with you?"
Leigh says "Nothing." Leigh walks over to the guy and takes off his hat. "When did you get that done?"
The guy says "Couple of weeks ago."
Winnie says "Beverleigh, do you know this young man?"
Leigh says "We all do."
Mickey says "Have you been drinking?"
Leigh says "You going to let them think I'm crazy or you going to fix the car for Mickey?"
The guy says "Better fix the car."
Leigh says "Good choice, Charlie."
Mickey says "Charlie?"
Charlie peels off the goatee and says "Happy birthday, buddy." Mickey runs to Charlie and hugs her. "What have I missed?"
Robbie says "Really?"
Charlie says "What?"
Robbie says "Never mind."
Charlie walks towards Louisa and says "How much do you hate me?"
Shannon says "I'm sorry to interupt but how quickly can you get the car running?"
Charlie says "Shouldn't take long, why?"
Shannon says "My water's broken."
Charlie says "Really? Wow." Charlie looks around. "Yvette, can you take care of Shannon while I fix the car? Mrs G, can you help?"
Winnie says "I'll try. Come on, dear, let's get you inside."
Robbie says "Why don't we take my car?"
Yvette says "It's too small."
Charlie says "I'll fix this as quick as I can."
Shannon says "Just make it safe."
Shannon, Yvette, Winnie and Lennon go inside. Robbie says "Charlie, I need to talk to you but I want to go inside."
Mickey says "Why? Not like you can have sex with anyone."
Robbie says "Ouch."
Robbie goes in. Louisa says "I'm going to find out what's going on."
Mickey says "Me too, unless you need me?"
Charlie says "Go, but let me know when it's time to go."
Mickey says "Will do."
Charlie says "Mickey, the keys?"
Mickey says "Passenger seat."
Mickey and Louisa go in. Charlie grabs the keys, opens the trunk and takes out the steering wheel. Leigh says "You know, you nearly had me fooled."
Charlie says "Really? What gave me away?"
Leigh says "I could see you." Charlie gets in the car, tries to re-fit the wheel but it slips. "Do you wants a hand?"
Charlie says "If you like."
Leigh gets in the other side of the car, holds the wheel and says "Is here ok?"
Charlie says "Good, thanks."
Charlie starts the fit the bolts. Leigh says "Are you sorted now?"
Charlie says "Nearly. The bolts need tightening, that's all. You can let go if you want."
Leigh says "I didn't mean the car."
Charlie says "I know what you meant."
Leigh says "And?"
Charlie says "I think so. I should put the stereo back."
Leigh says "You think so? You disappear for months and all you can tell me is you think so?" Charlie leans across Leigh to the glove box and pulls out the stereo. "I missed you."
Charlie says "You've been staying with Shannon?"
Leigh says "I couldn't leave her to deal with everything alone. How did you know?"
Charlie says "That's my shirt."
Leigh says "Want me to take it off?"
Charlie reattaches the stereo and says "Leigh."
Leigh says "Charlie, you left to clear your head but you left mine spinning."
Charlie says "I'm sorry. I know what I did was s**t but if I hadn't..."
Leigh says "Would you really have treated me like one of those girls you used?"
Charlie says "I don't know. I didn't want to take that chance. How did you find out?"
Leigh says "Robbie told me what she made you do, but I would have taken that chance."
Charlie says "She didn't make me do it. I could of said no."
Leigh says "You did say no."
Charlie says "Too late. I had already hurt people."
Leigh says "You were a kid."
Charlie says "That's not an excuse."
Leigh says "Fine, but that doesn't explain why you ran. That hurt me. I mean, do I repulse you that much?"
Charlie says "What? No. Why would you say that?"
Leigh says "I tried to kiss you and you couldn't get away fast enough. Then Robbie tells me about those girls."
Charlie says "Leigh, stop and listen to me. I didn't want you to kiss me then, like that."
Leigh says "Why not?"
Charlie says "Your sister messed with my head royally but that day I was trying to think of times I was happy and most of them I was with you. I started thinking about the times we'd kissed and I realised none of those times were you kissing me."
Leigh says "Then who was I kissing? Because they did a damn good impression."
Charlie says "The play, it was characters. Spin the bottle or a dare. Prom."
Leigh says "We didn't kiss at prom."
Charlie says "I'm pretty sure we would of if we'd kept dancing."
Leigh says "No, Chad would of kissed me and I would have slapped him. He was Kimber's date."
Charlie says "See, not me."
Leigh says "And drunk you is an extreme version of you."
Charlie says "I wanted you to get me, not a version of me."
Leigh says "So why dress up today?"
Charlie says "I got scared. I abandoned you all. I didn't think anyone would want me back."
Leigh says "You idiot. We didn't want you to go. But now you're home and you're not leaving."
Charlie says "You going to stop me?"
Leigh says "I'll tie you down if I have to."
Charlie says "Kinky."
Leigh says "So what would you do if I kissed you now?"
Charlie says "But I'm not me now."
Leigh says "You are to me."
Charlie says "Do you have a thing about me dressed as a guy?"
Leigh says "I just have a thing about you."
Charlie says "That was smooth."
Leigh says "Shut up."
Charlie says "Sorry."
Leigh leans towards Charlie as Mickey runs out of the house and shouts "Charlie, start the car. We've got to go."
Charlie starts the car as Shannon os helped into the car by Louisa and Winnie. Yvette, Robbie and mickey follow behind. Winnie says "We're not all going to fit in there."
Charlie says "Robbie, will you take anyone that doesn't fit in your car?"
Robbie says "Sure. Yvette?"
Charlie says "She should come with us. She is a doctor."
Yvette says "A doctor not a midwife."
Charlie says "Close enough. Get in."
Shannon says "Can we get going now?"
Charlie says "Real soon. Mrs G, are you in?"
Winnie says "Yes, I'm in."
Charlie says "Mickey, go with Robbie. Louisa, get in next to Leigh."
Louisa gets in the car. Mickey says "Charlie, you can't drive my car."
Leigh says "Squid, not now."
Charlie says "I'll look after her, I promise. Robbie, go now. We'll see you there."
Robbie says "Ok. See you soon."
Robbie and Mickey get into Robbie's car and drive off. Charlie says "Can I borrow someone's phone?"
Shannon says "You want to make a call now? Seriously?"
Charlie says "It's important."
Shannon says "If I could move, I'd hit you."
Yvette passes Charlie her phone and says "Here, use mine. I'll call the hospital on the way."
Charlie says "Thanks." Charlie dials and holds the phone to her ear. "Cheif MacNell please... Hey, boss. It's Charlotte Robinson... Nothing yet but I'm about to... Friend's in labour. I'm driving so ten minutes... Can I tell you tomorrow?... Thanks Cheif... Yes, sir. See you tomorrow. Bye." Charlie hangs up and gives the phone back to Yvette. "Ring the hospital. Tell them we'll be there soon."
Yvette says "Charlie, did you say ten minutes?"
Charlie says "Yeah."
Yvette says "It's a thirty to forty minute drive from here."
Charlie says "If you say so."
Charlie pulls the car away from the house and quickly picks up speed. Winnie says "Charlotte, please be careful."
Charlie says "Always am."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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