Chapter 62

Chapter 62

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

The car screeches to a halt outside the hospital. Yvette says "Christ, Charlie."
Charlie says "Everyone ok?"
Leigh says "Twelve minutes. You're getting slow in your old age."
Charlie says "I was told to be careful." Shannon screams in pain. "Let's get her inside."
Shannon says "I'm right here. Don't talk around me."
Charlie says "Sorry. Can you walk?"
Shannon says "I think so."
Charlie says "Leigh, can you park the car?"
Leigh says "Sure."
Everyone but Leigh gets out of the car. Louisa is walking with Shannon as Leigh drives away. Charlie starts to walk ahead. Shannon grabs Charlie's arm and says "Where the hell are you going?"
Charlie says "I was getting the door."
Shannon says "It's automatic."
Charlie says "Oh." Charlie looks past Shannon. "Mrs G, are you coming?"
Winnie says "I'm going to wait for Beverleigh."
Shannon screams again. Yvette says "We need to hurry."
Charlie says "Can you get a chair?"
Shannon says "I don't need a chair. I can make it."
Charlie and Louisa walk with Shannon. Yvette walks ahead, goes to the reception desk and says "Doctor Kalish. I rang, the maternity department should be ready to receive a patient."
The reception clerk says "Yes, doctor. I'll get a nurse to take you up. How close is the patient to delivery?"
Yvette says "She's ready to pop."
Charlie says "Is that a technical term?"
The receptoin clerk says "Patient's name?"
Yvette looks at Charlie. Charlie says "Shannon Rosefield." Shannon screams again and squeezes Charlie's arm. "Any chance you can put a rush on this? Or I might need medical assistance."
The reception clerk says "Sir, you need to keep calm or you could cause the baby distress. But I do understand what you're going through. I've recently become a father myself. Excuse me."
The reception clerk picks up the phone. "Charlie says "I'm not the father."
Yvette says "Still, could be your baby."
Charlie says "How?"
Yvette says "Could be your eggs."
Shannon says "Well they're not so can we focus?"
Crystal comes over with a chair and says "Hi, Shannon. Need a ride?"
Shannon says "No. I'm walking."
Charlie says "Sit down. You're not going to make it to the baby retreval unit."
Louisa says "Maternity ward, dumbass."
Shannon screams, then says "She may be an idiot, but she's right about this."
Charlie says "Right here."
Louisa says "First time in months."
Shannon says "Can you two sort this out later? Issue of my own to deal with."
Shannon sits in the wheelchair. Crystal says "Let's get moving."
Crystal starts to push Shannon down the corridor. Charlie says "Yvette, you coming?"
Yvette says "I'm going to wait for Robbie."
Shannon shouts "Charlie, get here now!"
Charlie rushes to Shannon. Crystal looks at Charlie and says "Charlie?"
Charlie says "Yeah? Hi, I'll explain later. This first."
Crystal says "Of course."
Crystal, Shannon, Louisa and Charlie enter the elevator as Leigh and Winnie enter the hospital and go over to Yvette. Winnie says "Where are the girls?"
Yvette says "They've just gone up to the maternity ward."
Leigh says "Why didn't you go with them?"
Yvette says "I'm waiting for your sisters. As soon as they're here, I'll leave."
Leigh says "You don't have to. I mean, if Robbie stays you should."
Yvette says "Thank you. That means a lot."
Leigh says "Whatever. Come on, mom."
Leigh and Winnie walk to the elevator. Winnie says "That was very nice of you, Beverleigh."
Leigh says "If Charlie can be nice to her I should put some effort in."
Winnie says "I'm proud of you anyway."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Jemma Packman

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