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 Chapter 68

Chapter 68

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie walks into the waiting area. Mickey says "Where have you been?"
Charlie says "Bathroom."
Mickey says "Robbie and Leigh?"
Charlie says "Talking."
Mickey says "At least we're in a hospital."
Charlie says "Any news on Shannon and the baby yet?"
Louisa says "Not yet."
Mickey says "What's taking so long?"
Charlie says "They said they had to do tests."
Mickey says "What tests?"
Charlie says "I'm not sure."
Yvette says "They need to check the baby's weight, temperature, size of the head then they'll check the rest of the body."
Robbie says "I know you're a doctor but I didn't know you knew about babies."
Leigh says "You don't know everything."
Yvette says "I did a rotation here."
Robbie says "Really?"
Charlie says "Don't."
Robbie says "Don't what?"
Winnie says "Roberta, even I know you're going to tell that awful doctor joke."
Yvette says "Doctor joke?"
Robbie says "It's nothing."
Yvette says "Then tell me."
Robbie says "Moment's passed."
Yvette says "Charlie?"
Charlie says "Mrs G says it an awful joke so I'm not telling it."
Mickey says "It's something like I'm not a gynacologist but I'll take a look."
Winnie says "Michaela!"
Mickey says "Robbie started it."
Robbie says "At least I didn't finish it."
Mickey says "Only because Charlie and mom stopped you."
Robbie says "No. I changed my mind."
Yvette says "Do they all fight like this?"
Charlie says "Oh that's not fighting."
Yvette says "Guess I've got a lot to learn."
Charlie says "You've got time."
Yvette says "Charlie, can we talk?"
Charlie says "Sure." Charlie and Yvette move away from the others. "I am popular today."
Yvette says "First chance anyone's had in a while."
Charlie says "Fair point. What can I do for you?"
Yvette says "I just wanted to say..."
Charlie says "If you're trying to tell me you're sorry about you and Robbie and you wanted to thank me for letting you come here, please don't."
Yvette says "How did you know that's what I wanted to say?"
Charlie says "You're a polite person and that's what I guess a polite person says when starting a conversation with the ex, so you can skip the nicitities."
Yvette says "Fine. I know how me and Robbie got together was s****y on you but I don't want us to fight."
Charlie says "It was but I'm over it, so why would we fight?"
Yvette says "I'm the woman that got your girlfriend to cheat."
Charlie says "No, you're the woman I caught her cheating with. I don't know that you were the only one but what I do know is that you are the one she has feelings for."
Yvette says "Is that what you were talking to her about in the bathroom?"
Charlie says "Robbie never looked at me like she does you."
Yvette says "Thank you."
Charlie says "Don't thank me. You hurt her..."
Yvetter says "You'll hurt me?"
Charlie says "Me? No." Charlie looks at the others. RObbie has Mickey in a headlock, messing with her hair while Winnie smiles and Leigh separates them. "Them, most likely. They are the closest family I have ever met and the fact Robbie took you to meet them on her baby sister's eighteenth birthday should tell you all you need to know."
Yvette says "It doesn't tell me how to get them to like me."
Charlie says "Either they will or you won't but you can't fool them."
Yvette says "Just be myself? I can't believe you're helping me after what I did to you."
Charlie says "Stop bringing that into it. I'm as much to blame as you. Not as much as Robbie, but still."
Yvette says "I don't understand."
Charlie says "I was too scared to leave her, I didn't give her what she wanted, I wasn't what she wanted. What is there to understand? It happened and she didn't ditch you when she got caught. Deal with it."
Yvette says "You make it sound simple."
Charlie says "It is simple. You're worried that how you got together is how it's going to end."
Yvette says "You're staring to freak me out."
Charlie says "If you think about the end, you'll miss the middle. If you're worried, talk to Robbie but trust me, you'll get pretty much the same answer I'm giving you." A nurse comes out of Shannon's room and goes to Louisa. "Excuse me." Charlie walks to Louisa. "Everything ok?"
Nurse says "Everything's fine. Shannon sand the baby are waiting for you."
Louisa says "About time."
Charlie says "Are all the tests done?"
The nurse says "Mostly but the baby wanted his mom."
Mickey says "Can we see them?"
Nurse says "You can, but if it's too much, I will ask you to leave."
Winnie says "We understand."
Charlie says "Can we have a few minutes first?"
Mickey says "For what?"
Winnie says "Of course, dear."
Charlie and Louisa go into the room. Mickey says "Mom, why are we still out here?"
Winnie says "We're giving them time as a family."
Mickey says "But we're family."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Added on July 2, 2016
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Jemma Packman

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